High End Collectibles to Invest In

There are numerous ways to invest. Bonds, stocks, and real estate are among the oldest known investing channels. Interestingly, high end collectibles are gaining more attention in the investment space. Their unique appeal and significant returns put them in high demand. Read on for more ideas on which collectibles to invest next.

1. Model Cars

Car enthusiasts spend thousands to millions of dollars to purchase model cars as high-end collectibles. They may not drive the vehicles, but they’ll keep them to sell later for a fortune. Model car collection is a lucrative business today.

You can purchase a Lamborghini Aventador Gold for $11 million. The car is covered in real gold. You may spend something other than that money, and there are different model cars to look out for.

A bigger model car will cost more compared to a smaller one. A car made by a manufacturer from the early 20th century will likely cost more. A rarer car model will fetch you more dollars than the latest models.

The car market trends will also influence the buying price of a model car. If the car brand wins a race, purchasing it will likely be more expensive. If a specific driver has won a race, got into an accident, or has retired, there is likely to be more interest in their car brand. Ensure you regularly keep your model car clean to keep it in good sale value. Check on dirt build-up, and get a professional paint protection technician.

2. Comics

Comic books are a great way of diversifying your investment portfolio. They’re an alternative asset growing in popularity and can significantly boost your portfolio’s value. Dedicate some time to learning about investing in comic books so you don’t enter the field completely green.

Since 2001, more than three million comic books have traded hands, amassing over $1 billion, according to GP Analysis. According to Grandview Research, the global comic book industry offers one of the world’s high end collectibles. As of 2021, it was valued at $7.14 billion.

Talk to lawyers, including estate planning attorneys to learn the benefits and risks of comic book investing. Among the benefits is the significant returns of investing in the right comic books. The books are also tangible assets that can be preserved for a long time.

Remember, though, that the value of a comic is primarily based on demand and can be subjective. Valuable comic books can be very expensive. They make getting a return on your investment more challenging. As more people hold back on their comic books, selling new editions of these books is getting more complex.

3. Lego Sets

Legos may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of high end collectibles, but most Lego sets appreciate over time. Some are limited editions, and others are based on popular themes. Their value comes from the rarity of specific pieces.

When you invest in these trending Lego types, you will see your investment increase in value over time. If you’re a fan, this collectible will allow you to enjoy your hobby while making extra cash. Since LEGO sets are tangible, they’re easy to sell and buy.

They’re a low-risk investment compared to stocks and real estate assets. Retired Lego assets increase in price annually by about 11%, making them an accessible and reliable investment option. They’re in high demand, so you don’t have to worry about finding someone to buy when you decide to sell.

Special collections and limited-quantity editions dedicated to historical events, films, and books register the highest growth on the secondary market. They generally bring in a 10 to 11% return depending on the trends in the market. Of course, you could consider investing in Legos purely for passion.

For enthusiasts, the satisfaction of building and displaying them is second to none. Most collectors will focus on a specific theme or series when buying Lego sets. Some even have dedicated rooms in their homes for their passion and will gladly call in professional cleaning services to ensure a hygienic environment.

4. Collectible Glasses

Fancy glassware is delightful to look at and can be an impressive investment. However, it’s also fragile and can easily get stolen. So invest in safe storage for your collectible glassware, primarily if you use it in your sports bar.

For funky and fancy high end collectibles of this kind, it’s a good idea to set aside some extra cash to replace them when they break while you serve the guests. The benefit of having this fancy glassware is that your patrons will pay a higher price for drinks served in them.

People are willing to spend more for a drink in a fantastic cup, be it a tiki or skull cup. The mirrors will boost your business as more patrons will be interested in drinking from the unique glassware. However, you must always ensure your fancy glassware is clean and polished. Their shapes and sizes can make cleaning difficult, so some may need to be cleaned by hand carefully.

5. Collectible Cards


Sports cards were among the most traded items on eBay in 2020. This surge was at 142% over the year prior, according to Forbes. That is a pointer to the interest in portfolio diversification for card enthusiasts.

Sports cards are now a hobby and an alternative asset class. Most investors looking for cards want to put their money into social entrepreneurship. They’re buying things that make sense to them because they have a personal connection with them.

For sports cards to be credible high end collectibles, they must hold long-term value. Another factor is that the industry should be liquid, meaning you must be able to dispose of your cards when the need arises. Platforms like CheckOut My Cards will help you quickly sell your cards and receive payment.

Manufacturers of sports cards have introduced some scarcity for their products, which helps keep them valuable. So you’ll not run into someone selling the cards at the local tattoo shops because of their high cost. Cards now come with serial numbers and autographs and have grading. A buyer is assured their value will stay the same due to the scarcity of the quantities available on the market.

6. Vintage Video Games

A keen video game collectible investor will look for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridges, pinball machines, and all limited-production gaming products. You know where to get rare video games and retro gaming consoles if this is you. You will happily spend extra dollars for high end collectibles such as video game memorabilia and arcade machines, knowing they’ll continue to appreciate in value.

The vintage video games industry has the winning combination of desirability and scarcity. So, when you lay your hands on these valuable collectibles, you’re assured of much better returns on your investment. Their best selling point is mostly being the relics of a past gaming story.

Research the retro video games from generations past, especially games produced between 20 and 40 years ago. Ensure you know their status in terms of intellectual property law. You want to avoid facing legal hurdles for holding property that isn’t yours.

Look for Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges and accessories in your search. They were a popular product in the 1980s, and their value tended to increase, with some selling for up to seven-figure sums. What of Super Mario Bros? The first Mario game has retained its value after many years. It can fetch millions of dollars depending on its condition.

7. Firearms

When investing in firearms, prepare the gun safes beforehand. Not just because they’re a unique investment but because you don’t want your guns lying around for obvious safety reasons. Besides that, only buy guns from respected brands or A-list manufacturers.

When researching, check out the likes of Colt, Mauser, Winchester, Holland & Holland. Other A-listers in gun manufacture are Smith & Wesson and John Rigby & Co. You are putting in top dollar for these high end collectibles, so why not go for the cleanest, best-quality guns?

The condition of the firearm matters. Even standard guns could be considered a rare find when preserved well, thus garnering higher value. However, an original gun is more expensive than a refurbished one, even when heavily worn out. Avoid guns that were made to commemorate an occasion. Its resale value will not increase.

Only buy such a gun if you want a nice-looking firearm on your wall and appreciate the sentimental value. Rare guns will be more expensive when you seek to buy them. They’re usually made in small quantities but later become hot collector’s items.

If you plan to make additions to your gun, ensure they’ll improve the resale value. Before you settle for the products you want to buy, get help from a seasoned collector to avoid getting scammed. Do extensive research to make an informed decision.

8. Jewelry

There are high end collectibles that stand the test of time more than others. High-quality, refined, and rare gemstones belong in that category. They have a high resale value and usually don’t lose weight.

It’s also reasonably liquid, meaning you can sell it whenever you like. Before you buy jewelry, talk to certified public accountants. They will help you determine how much money you can put into your investment.

Please pay attention to the dealers, whether they are goldsmiths, designers, or jewelers. What is the quality of their merchandise? What’s their expertise like?

Book a consultation with them and get detailed information about the products whether or not you will buy. Ask questions about where they get their jewelry and how its value is determined. You want to deal with someone who is trusted in their trade.

Jewelry should also look good on you, so buy something you like and are proud to don. Buying jewelry is mostly a purchase influenced by emotion. If you can have your jewelry custom-made, you’ll have a beautiful and rare piece.

When choosing the jewelry, ensure it has more precious metals. Get the jeweler to advise on the amounts of gold or platinum in the jewelry, and you can ask them to increase it to your liking. Diamond luxury gemstones never lose value, so consider such gems in your jewelry.

9. Vintage Signs

People buy and keep vintage signs as high end collectibles for many reasons. Some signs will take you back for decades, with a nostalgic feeling when you look at them. However, a keen investor will collect signs with high monetary value.

People who like to buy these antique signs will look for the sign company they admired from long ago. You want to buy signs that have a high return on your investment. Among the places you can find these signs are the flea market and estate sales.

Put up an advertisement on social media platforms, asking for anyone willing to sell their antique signs. People must recognize their value to store these signs in their basements. Look out for vintage signs of once-popular brands.

The older the sign, the more valuable it will be. The history behind the sign is critical to its value, with unique history making the vintage sign all the more worthy. As you go antique-hunting, watch out for fake antique signs. You’ll need the knowledge to spot fakes from original signs, so don’t be afraid to seek an expert’s help.

10. Vinyl Records

The vinyl records market has spun its way back into the market and hearts of many. These records have a tactile feature and connect deeply to music, especially for older folks. They have quickly become one of the high end collectibles to look out for.

Anyone looking to invest in vinyl records values them as art. The square sleeves where the vinyl records are stores have made many visual artists rich. When planning on shifting from your current art room, get movers who will handle these valuable investments with the care they deserve.

Investing in high end collectibles is a journey, and a satisfying one, for that matter. You must love the items you want to invest in. Also, ask yourself whether you can resell the merchandise when needed.