How Are Stainless Steel Products Made?

Learning how things are made is always interesting. If you don’t work in the metal fabrication industry, you probably don’t know how stainless steel products are made. Stainless steel products are more than sheet metal and pipes, they also include things normal people may use every day like a stainless steel straw.

Video Source

Keep reading to learn how some popular stainless steel products are made.

This video starts out by showing us how a stainless steel coil is made. The process starts with a flat sheet of metal which is then rolled by industrial machines.

Next, the video shows us how stainless steel sheets are made. Since most stainless steel products are created by cutting these sheets, they are very important. These sheets are laid out flat and cut into sections by an industrial metal cutter.

The process for creating a stainless steel pipe is a little different. The stainless steel is heated with fire to bend into the pipe shape and then is cooled using water.

Finally, we get to take a look at how stainless steel products such as reusable straws are made. This process is very interesting and definitely worth watching in the video above!