List of Different Types of Lawyers

There are many situations in life that may see you in need of the services of a lawyer. It’s important for you to know the specific lawyer that you need to hire so you can get the assistance that you require. If you’ve suffered an injury while working, for example, you need to look for a personal injury attorney.

In this case, searching online for things like “personal injury law 101” may help you know the qualities that you need to look for in a lawyer. When you do this, you know that a personal injury lawyer’s reputation is important. They should be reliable and have good communication skills as well. This will make it easier to work with them and get a satisfactory outcome.

If possible, reach out to a few personal injury victims in your area and have a chat with them. They could help you learn more about the process and even help you find a good attorney if you need one. You could also ask them about personal injury causes of action. Find these out from other sources and do your due diligence to ensure that you’re well-informed. These measures could make it easy for you to prepare for the process, which may have a number of outcomes.

Road and work accidents may occur due to a driver’s carelessness or persons in charge of the equipment. Such accidents may result in death and severe or minor injuries. In case of death, the bereaved can claim compensation from the insurance company in charge of the reckless driver. A wrongful death attorney will ensure that the beneficiary of the deceased gets total compensation for their claim. In case of minor or severe injury, the victim should hire a personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer ensures you get paid for the damage the accident caused. Filing an accident bodily injury claim may take a lengthy process, depending on the nature of the injury and the parties involved.

After an injury, seek medication within the shortest time possible and ask for the examination results. The medical examination allows your attorney to calculate the approximate compensation cost depending on the injury and the possibility of future complications. An accident case law is sometimes complicated and may need the victim to recover before the settlement. Therefore, your lawyer should concentrate on helping you with the case as you prioritize getting better. With the proper evidence, your compensation may occur within six to twelve months from filing a claim.

Wanting to be a legal professional means that you get to choose from a wide range of law-focused careers from the healthcare industry to academic-related industries. Most people tend to relate the field of law with attorneys and lawyers alike, which is not far off the mark. According to statistics, about 1.33 million people practice as lawyers in the U.S. Majority of these legal practitioners works in different categories of law.

What is the Difference Between a Lawyer and an Attorney?

The terms lawyer and attorney are usually used to mean the same thing but the truth is that there is a difference between the two words. Even though both lawyers and attorneys have law degrees, they do different jobs. To put it simply, getting a degree in graduate-entry law known as a Juris Doctorate is very different from passing the bar exam and being given the go-signal to practice law. Being an attorney automatically means that you are a lawyer, but being a lawyer does not necessarily mean that you are an attorney. An attorney is a person who has a degree in law and practices such in a court of law. Lawyers, however, are not required to practice law exclusively in a court of law after passing their bar exam and getting their law degree. Lawyers can choose to practice law out of the courtroom and are often hired to act as legal advisors.

What Types of Lawyers Are There?

After completing law school, there is a wide range of career opportunities available to lawyers and a list of different types of lawyers. It may be challenging to identify what specific area of law you want to practice. The only upside you may have is that you can choose from a variety of career paths depending on your ambitions and plans.

Business Lawyer

Business lawyers are among the list of different types of lawyers who specialize in conducting operations of individual companies and ensure that said operations stay within the appointed legal framework set according to state, federal, and local laws. Business lawyers are involved in all tasks that contain intellectual property and liability disputes, including issues to do with mergers or revisions of legal documents. The process of becoming a business lawyer will entail you getting a Juris Doctorate and also a certification that proves you are a business lawyer.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

To be qualified in a law career, you will have to specialize in different, sometimes specific, laws. Becoming a bankruptcy Lawyer means you will familiarize yourself with the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. There are normally 2 types of bankruptcy lawyers among the list of different types of lawyers, those who specialize in consumer bankruptcy and those who are experts in commercial bankruptcy.

Tax Lawyer

Tax lawyers are also among the list of different types of lawyers who mainly deal in the U.S tax system and offer their legal expertise to individuals and businesses. They help them to understand the regulations and rules regarding taxes and also help them to remain compliant with federal, local, and state laws. The complexity of the U.S tax system undergoes changes from time to time and tax lawyers are required to stay up to date with the regulations set by the IRS and any amendments made to tax laws

Defense Lawyer

The two main types of criminal lawyers in the list of different types of lawyers are prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers. Criminal defense lawyers provide legal defense to individuals charged with crimes. Criminal defense lawyers can either work as public lawyers or attorneys. Regardless of your preference, criminal defense lawyers typically spend their time in court more than their counterparts in the legal system. Criminal law can also be divided up into different categories and gives you the opportunity to work in different fields such as violent crimes, drug crimes, or homicidal crimes

Constitutional Lawyer

Just as the title suggests, constitutional lawyers are among the list of different types of lawyers who specialize in law matters concerning the U.S constitution. They make sure that the balance remains between their clients’ interests and the interests of governmental institutions. There are many types of lawyers who specialize in the interpretation of the U.S constitution. There are constitutional lawyers who work as legal counsels for universities or federal government agencies. It is a must for constitutional lawyers to understand the interpretations of the U.S constitution in its entirety.

Family Lawyer

Family lawyers, also among the list of different types of lawyers, offer expert legal services on laws that concern domestic and family-oriented matters. A family lawyer tends to be associated with being a divorce attorney but they do more than that. There are some who deal in a lot of fields such as child adoption, domestic violence, surrogacy laws, etc. To practice as a family lawyer, you will first need to consider your state laws since some will require you to undergo certain training and secure the needed certifications.

Labor Lawyer

Labor lawyers and workers compensation attorney, who is also among the list of different types of lawyers typically specialize in law matters concerning the relationships between unions, employees, and employers. They practice different fields that pertain to salaries, discrimination at workplaces, and safety, among other issues. Even though all types of lawyers are knowledgeable when it comes to labor laws, labor lawyers are experts in the review and creation of policies in various companies.

Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning lawyer, who is among the list of different types of lawyers, offers their legal expertise in the handling of wills, properties, and set up trusts or when you want to sell your house. They provide legal advice to their clients concerning how their assets will be passed on to beneficiaries. An estate planning lawyer draws up questionnaires to assist their clients in evaluating the assets try to have and makes it simpler for them to create a will that will be read after their client’s funeral.

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers, also on the list of different types of lawyers, specialize in individuals or families who are seeking the acquisition of U.S citizenship. They offer legal advice on how individuals or families can live and work legally in the U.S. Immigration lawyers take on cases concerning political refugees and those who are seeking asylum. Immigration lawyers also help employers and employees to acquire visas.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers, accident attorney, DUI attorney, and medical malpractice attorney specialize in representing individuals in civil litigations where they might have been injured in their workplace, through medical malpractice, etc. They are responsible for the collection of evidence needed for the case, documentation of the injuries sustained by the victim, the calculation of expenses incurred, and the interviewing of witnesses.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property lawyers or IP in short, specialize in working with clients who are in need of protecting intellectual properties they may own, that is, parents, inventions, or ideas. They assist in settling disputes for businesses and individuals alike on conflicts associated with distribution, copyrights, trademarks, etc. Intellectual property lawyers also assist their clients in securing the required licenses and understanding laws pertaining to trademarks. They also give legal advice to their clients about any new regulations or rules set that can aid in the protection of their parents.

Entertainment Lawyer

Entertainment lawyers typically work in representing musicians, actors, or people who are exposed to the media. Their main responsibility as entertainment lawyers is to assist their clients in the protection of a y intellectual properties they own such as performances, paintings, or songs. Entertainment lawyers also work to create legally binding contracts, agreements on fees, and the release of talents.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer often means that you are suffering from a personal injury because of a mistake done on your body by a medical practitioner. Any harm that is done through negligence, misdiagnosis, or inappropriate treatment are areas where medical malpractice lawyers practice in. Malpractice lawyers also represent clients who are health practitioners and are charged with medical malpractice.

Contract Lawyer

Contract lawyers offer their legal services by helping their clients to draft and enforce that are legally bound. They mostly get hired to handle contract disputes, contract breaching litigations or to assist in contract negotiations.

Government Lawyer

Government lawyers are lawyers who work for the U.S government in specific branches be it federal, state, county, or local governments. They typically concentrate on the governing field of the company or agency that they work for.

Environmental Lawyer

While they are not the types of lawyers who make a lot of money, environmental lawyers specialize in cases pertaining to the preservation of the environment, and many lawyers who practice in this field enjoy that they get to do their part in saving the planet. Environmental lawyers are knowledgeable when it comes to the guidelines and policies set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Real Estate Lawyer

The main client base for real estate lawyers consists of buyers, homeowners, and agents. Real estate lawyers’ expertise enables them to guide their clients in buying or selling a property as well as offering legal advice to construction companies concerning laws that have to do with zones. They also handle matters to do with foreclosures or evictions and represent property owners as well as tenants. It is important for real estate lawyers to possess negotiation skills as they are sometimes required to intermediate between parties that are disputing.

Toxic Tort Lawyer

This is one of the most specified branches of law that lawyers practice in. They take on lawsuits involving personal injury settlements caused by the consumption or exposure to hazardous materials that contain poisonous and harmful substances. These harmful and toxic materials include chemicals, hazardous pharmaceuticals, etc. Common toxic tort cases mainly deal with exposure to asbestos or lawsuits against companies that deal with pharmaceutical products. Lawyers wishing to practice in this branch of law are required to pass their bar exam before they can start representing clients in a court of law.

Video Game Lawyer

Lawyers in this branch of law represent clients who are players or spectators as well as the studios that develop video games. Even though they are a special interest type of legal counsel, video game lawyers are required to have a vast knowledge of the video game industry in order for them to be successful lawyers. The main client base of video game lawyers are players, video game tournament organizers, publishing companies, etc. They offer legal advice to their clients as well as draft legal contracts that follow the outline of copyright laws, data protection laws, and licensing procedures in the video game industry.

Public-Interest Lawyer

Public-interest lawyers are mostly hired by nonprofit organizations or governmental agencies. This is because they specialize in offering legal services for free or at low rates. Of course, this makes them lowly paid law practitioners but public-interest lawyers play an important part in helping the public in cases involving social injustices. They mainly practice in fields such as environmental causes, disability cases, healthcare lawsuits, etc.

Finance and Securities Lawyers

Finance and securities lawyers mainly represent clients or businesses who are in need of assistance in IRS and SEC cases. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) are agencies tasked with the prevention of insider trading, fraud, and manipulation of the market. This makes finance and securities lawyers in high demand for lawsuits that include the treasury, banking, and trading of stock.

These are just some of the different types of lawyers there are in the legal system. They offer services ranging from legal representation in court to legal advice on what steps to take depending on your query. Lawyers do their full time job and work to ensure that you get well represented during a lawsuit and work to ensure that you get the required justice on your case. Whether you are facing a petty crime case or a serious one reach out to a legal firm to ensure that you get the best legal services and that you are well presented in court.