Routine House Maintenance Checklist

When given the option to choose between home maintenance and taking a day off to relax, most homeowners will likely pick the latter. Dealing with routine cleaning can sometimes be daunting, given the numerous tasks that often come with it. But rather than leave your home untidy, this article outlines some steps to use for your routine house maintenance checklist.

Replace Old and Worn Out Roofs

Depending on how long your home has been in existence, your roofing will be the first thing to consider inspecting. Signs of water leakage from loose or worn-out shingles could prove disastrous in the future, causing wall and floor damage. Make it a point to consult with experts such as roofing contractors to help you repair any damage to your roofs. Professional will help you get rid of loose materials and debris while also replacing broken roof tiles roofs that will no longer protect you from the exterior elements. If your home also has signs of algae and mold growth due to water leaks, local roofers will get rid of such materials that often come with health hazards.

Inspect Your Flooring

If you spot any dents in your floors or notice any stains, adding flooring upkeep to your routine house maintenance checklist will be worth it. Where your flooring also experiences damage such as sloped surfaces, loose panels, and scratches, flooring installation will be your next solution. For this, consider the following installation ideas:

Engineered Wood Flooring

This flooring installation is best suited to homes in humid areas, with its materials designed to last for years without the need for added repairs. Engineered wood flooring comes with a warm appearance, allowing you to add character to otherwise dull spaces. Some of the most common finishes for this type of flooring include satin lacquer, matt lacquer, and parquet looks.

Solid Wood Flooring

This second type of flooring also makes an excellent addition to your house maintenance, allowing you to get the best of hardwood flooring installation. It is designed to last up to five times more than regular wooden floors, providing durability that helps you cut out extra maintenance costs. Some examples of hardwood floors to consider getting include maple flooring, oak flooring, and cherry flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring also acts as another extra flooring option for homeowners, allowing you to get scratch resistance capabilities suited to high traffic homes. This can include homes with numerous pets and those that often have frequent furniture movement. A few laminate finish textures you can use include natural wood finish, matte finish, and satin finish.

Utilize Electrical Services

Checking for electrical faults does not necessarily require you to wait until you get a power outage. You can get ahead of this and have your electrician slotted into your routine house maintenance checklist. An electrical technician can help you with several needs, with their specialties being in the following areas:

GFCI Receptacle Installation

Various areas of your house will need localized circuit breakers due to increased risk such as water usage that may cause electrical hazards, an area that ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) can help with. With this in mind, you will need to install a GFCI receptacle in places such as bathrooms to ensure you eliminate any risk of fire outbreaks.

Wiring Installation

An electrical technician can also help you with new wiring needs, especially when you need a capacity upgrade. In addition to this, old and faulty wires may need replacement, another area that a professional will help with.

Outlet Repair and Installation

When some parts of your home experience blackouts, chances are that you have a dead outlet. This will either call for its replacement or repair, based on the extent of the damage. New outlets can also be installed, allowing you to get an overall outlet upgrade.

System Troubleshooting

If you frequently experience power failure but have no clue what might be causing it, system troubleshooting will come in handy. Your technician will help you check your circuit breakers, wiring, and any other outlets that could benefit from an overall diagnose. Constant tripping could, for instance, be remedied by a circuit breaker repair or replacement, depending on the problem at hand.

Get HVAC Servicing

Getting an HVAC contractor to inspect your air conditioner will also come in handy for your routine house maintenance checklist, helping you get the right air quality that every home needs. During an inspection, your technician will check your ductwork for signs of damage, clean your condenser coil and run the thermostat to ensure that it maintains the proper pressure. Air filters will also be checked and cleaned to clear off debris. In addition to this, your home could also benefit from a clean furnace and A/C compressor, components that your technician can help with. Your technician can also help you get HVAC upgrades, with examples being:

Air Purifier Installation

Due to the constant changes in seasons, your home will occasionally play host to items such as dust, pollen, and fungus. Whether you have allergies to these or barely notice such changes, getting your air purifier will come in handy for your routine maintenance. Consider requesting UV air purifiers to help you clean your air, helping you improve internal air quality.

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Installation

If you frequently get dry throat incidences, itchy eyes, or dry skin, getting a humidifier will go a long way in preventing such irritations. Humidifiers work by adding moisture to the air, helping prevent dryness during the colder seasons. A dehumidifier works in contrast to this, lowering overly humid conditions that could cause a build-up of dust mites and aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma. By relying on the services of an HVAC technician, you are guaranteed balanced humidity levels to help you keep any disturbances in check.

Get Plumbing Done

Where house plumbing gets faulty, water damage follows suit, resulting in hefty expenses when dealing with furniture and appliance replacement. Give your pipes a thorough check and look for signs of water leaks under your sinks, both in the kitchen and bathrooms. Faucets around the house should also be tightly held in place, with drips being a cause of concern. In addition to this, check your ceiling for water leaks from overhead pipes, with the most common signs being water stains and peeling paint. While a faucet change does not necessarily call for a professional, ceiling damage requires the services of a local plumber, allowing you to get the right help for extensive water damage.

Gutter Repairs

Gutters are an essential part of your property and will often determine how well your home functions during wet seasons. A clogged gutter could lead to water pooling in your roof, resulting in leaks that could compromise your entire roof and siding. If your gutter does not control rainwater appropriately, pooling could also result in your house wreaking havoc on your foundation. Due to this, your gutter also forms a crucial part of our routine house maintenance checklist. Clear off debris at the top of your gutter frequently, most notably during rainy periods. Gutter guard installation can also help trap particles from your roof, helping you prevent blockages.

Get Window Repairs

Getting window repairs comes next on our routine house maintenance checklist. It will especially come in handy if you currently experience any of the following:

Heavy Drafts

No matter the time of year, drafts will cause energy loss in your home, leaving you with high utility bills. If you experience chilly air from certain parts of your home, your windows could be the cause. This requires professional handling, where experts can help you redo the caulking. This will help you weatherproof your window and fill any gaps that could be letting in the draft into your home.

Stuck Windows

Wooden windows are the common culprits for this, with most stuck window situations arising from damp conditions and overdone painting. Both of these often cause wood to swell, hence the inability to open windows. If you experience this, slide a putty knife or crowbar into the space between your window and the frame. Pry the window outwards, working your way around the window frame until it opens. Your window shutters may need replacement after this, with window replacement companies helping you get the right frame and sealant to avoid such future incidences.

Rotted Window Sills

Rotted window sills will be a sign of damage from rain and heavy winds, a factor that could lead to moisture leaks in your house. If you experience this, consult your window experts for window repairs. Depending on the extent of damage, you may either have to replace your entire window or have your window sill repaired.

Paint Your Exterior

Whether you intend to put your home on the property market or prefer staying put for the long term, exterior painting will go a long way in helping you maintain its aesthetics. Depending on your preference, you can either settle for a paint touch-up with your original colors or switch it up with a new look. If you prefer the latter, consider adding the services of an exterior painter to your routine house maintenance checklist. They will help you settle for a suitable color theme, allowing you to enhance your exterior while also paying attention to your interior decor and appearance. In addition to this, experts will help guide you through the right season to schedule painting to avoid any messy spots during damp conditions.

Check for Tree Damage

If you have any trees around your compound, ensure that you tend to them. This means checking for any diseased or dead branches, something that a certified arborist can help with if you lack expertise in this area. If an inspection also reveals signs of aging, the next course of action should be uprooting your trees to prevent any breakages that could damage surrounding structures in your compound. Diseased trees may also need to be cut down, as these could also result in property damage.

Tend to Your Lawn

Your lawn speaks volumes of how well your interior is maintained, making its upkeep another addition to our routine house maintenance checklist. For starters, check for patches that may have developed due to inadequate care. Reseed and fill in these areas, with a change of plants also going a long way in helping you get a fresh aesthetic appeal where possible. Remember to water your lawn as well, with the occasional trim being another needed maintenance tip.

Inspect Your Driveway

Driveway maintenance often comes as an afterthought for most homeowner’s routine house maintenance checklist, resulting in extensive damage due to neglect. To avoid this, walk around your driveway and check for signs of cracks, potholes, and uneven surfaces. If you spot either of these, consider consulting paver sealing professionals. Some of the most common paver options that you can use include:

  • Asphalt Pavers: Asphalt is among the most utilized driveway material in residential properties, with most homeowners turning to it due to its low maintenance cost. Other benefits that you can get from this paver include skid resistance and water drainage, with the latter coming in handy when you experience ice melts.
  • Concrete Pavers: The main advantage of concrete pavers lies in their durable nature, with their average life expectancy being up to 50 years. It is also easy to install, making for an easy switch between your current driveway options to concrete pavers. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy the versatility that it provides, with various custom designs allowing you to incorporate different patterns suited to your home’s exterior aesthetics.
  • Cobblestone Pavers: These pavers are made from quarried stone and are among the most durable paver options on the market. In addition to this, cobblestone pavers come with attractive properties, have good water permeability, and are also stain resistant when installed with the right type of sealant. Just like the other paver options, these are also easy to install, allowing you to get fast replacements when pressed for time.

If you are struggling to stay on top of your home maintenance needs for a clean and aesthetically pleasing property, an improved routine house maintenance checklist is what you need. The above guide details essential tips to use, from your driveway needs, window repairs to HVAC servicing for year-round home functionality.