Tattoos and Piercings Could be the Answer to Migraine Problems

People have known about the restorative healing powers of acupuncture for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Eastern practice is so effective that it has been fully integrated into Western medicine and is incorporated into the services of 3,000 clinical physician practices across the United States.
But in a strange yet modern twist of fate, thousands of people are now skipping the doctor’s office and heading straight to the tattoo parlor.
Yes, you heard correctly. In a new study published by the American Journal of Human Biology, researchers at the University of Alabama found that receiving multiple tattoos can work to strengthen people’s immune systems, making it easier for them to fight off common infections.
For tattoo artist and co-owner of Cape Fear Tattoo, Eddie Stewart, this information comes as no surprise.
“Your immune system is what takes care of the tattoo,” said Stewart. “You know, each time you get tattooed, a tattoo is like a big scrap. Your body has to fight off infection constantly.”
While getting a smiley-face on your pinky on a dare won’t necessarily make a long term difference, consistently getting tattoos or touchups may just make you healthier than your non-tattooed friends and coworkers.
“The more you get tattooed, the more it works your immune system. It’s like lifting weights,” said Stewart. “The more you do it the better it gets.”
And fresh ink isn’t the only kind of body art that researchers believe can benefit you. In fact, thousands of people that are suffering from migraines are turning to daith piercings, which pass through the ear’s innermost folds. This particular piercing is said to cure migraines, and the few seconds of discomfort is worth it for many who suffer from the condition.


While there currently isn’t any medical research to back up the benefits of daith piercing, Nick Leary, a piercer at Garry’s Skin, hopes that doctors address the practice’s important healing powers soon.
“From what I know, acupuncture for headaches and migraines is in the ear,” said Leary.