Tour de Cure Breaks Fundraising Record

According to preliminary tallies, the bike riding fundraiser benefitting the American Diabetes Association the Tour de Cure is expected to raise a record shattering $1.5 million.

The idea behind the event is not just to raise money for the American Diabetes Association, but to also raise awareness for the 26 million Americans currently suffering from diabetes, which causes the body to produce insufficient amounts of insulin. This is a hormone that helps convert sugar, starches, and other food molecules into energy. Its symptoms can include blurry vision, frequent urination, irritability, excessive thirst, increased fatigue, extreme hunger, and unusual weight loss. Its complications are even more serious, and can lead to kidney failure, and nervous system disease.

A truly terrible disease warranting action, like the Tour de Cure. For the past 23 years, the American Diabetes Association has had these events, with each successive ride getting bigger, according to Denise Nicastro, the coordinator for the Tour de Cure in Saratoga Springs. A force of 2,600 bikers–up from the approximate 2,500 riders from last year’s event–had the choice of riding one of four different routes ranging from 25 miles long to 100 miles long.

“I can finally say it. Everything could not have been better. The weather was great. The routes were perfect. We had people telling us this was the best ride ever,” said Nicastro. “It is amazing. We are happy.”

The Tour de Cure was just one event celebrating the end of National Bike Month. Although the celebratory month is over, now is the time to feel inspired by these riders and improve your health and yourself. Although some may groan upon learning that a nice bike can cost up to $500, they’re actually looking at it all wrong. A bike is not an expense, but an investment in yourself, just as the Tour de Cure’s riders invested their time into a great cause.