What Are Electronic Brake Controllers

If you are towing anything from a small trailer to a full-sized camper, you’ll need a good brake system. Luckily, electronic brake controllers work extremely well. Keep reading to learn what an electronic brake system and electronic brake controllers are.

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Let’s start with what an electric brake system is. An electric brake system is a service brake fitted to the trailer it allows the brakes to independently of the tow vehicle. They’re required on trailers over 750 kilos and up to 4.5 tons. They are also one of the most popular braking systems in the world.

And what is a brake controller? Electronic brake controllers are required to control the power to the electric brake system. the electronic brake controllers regulate how hard the brakes are applied on the trailer so it can match the performance of the tow vehicle when you apply the brakes.

This video goes into great detail to help you understand what electronic brake controllers and electronic brake systems are. If you don’t know much about towing and brake systems, this video will be very helpful for you.

To learn more about electronic brake controllers, watch the video above!