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The Most Important Lessons Parents Can Teach Children

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in National News | 0 comments

Teaching children to always say please and thank you, respect their elders, use good table manners, always tell the truth, and not talk to strangers are respectively the top five most important lessons parents can give their kids, according to a new poll. Following a detailed poll of the United Kingdom’s mothers and fathers, researchers have released a list of the 59 most important life lessons. Teaching kids to say please and thank you was considered the most important lesson, according to 80% of parents polled, while teaching kids the proper way to open a champagne bottle was considered the least important. “It is interesting that the top three things on the parental teaching list are all to do with ‘behaviour,’ and how the child ‘appears’ to others,” said psychologist Donna Dawson, who was involved in the study. “Parents...

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Everything We Know About Google’s Epic New Alabama Data Center…

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Local News | 0 comments

Silicon Valley is opening up a major new hub next door to Madison County. At the end of June, Google announced plans to bring a high-tech data center — and 100 jobs — to northeast Alabama, in neighboring Jackson County. Google announced their plans at a press conference at the Widows Creek Power Plant; the former coal plant will be shut down and transformed into the state-of-the-art digital plant. Google says they will use the plant’s existing transmission lines and invest in green energy projects in the region, while also working with the Tennessee Valley Authority to put that energy onto the electrical grid. “For more than 50 years, the Widows Creek plant has generated electricity for the region,” said Gary Demasi, Google’s director of Global Infrastructure. “Now the site will be used to bring Internet services and information...

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High-Heel Injuries on the Rise, University of Alabama Study Finds

Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in National News | 0 comments

American women love wearing high heels, but new research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests that the habit is taking a greater toll than ever. “High-heeled shoes might be stylish,” lead researcher Gerald McGwin, vice chair of the UAB school of public health’s epidemiology department, said in a news release. “[But] from a health standpoint, it would be worthwhile for those interested in wearing high-heeled shoes to understand the risks and the potential harm that precarious activities in high-heeled shoes can cause.” Some of the risks of wearing high-heeled shoes are common and relatively innocuous, such as ingrown toenails (a full 20% of patients who see their general practitioner complaining of foot problems have ingrown toenails). But others are far more serious, including irreversible damage to the tendons of the foot and ankle. That, in turn, can...

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Rep. Accuses Judges Of Blocking DUI Law, Risking Lives

Posted by on Jun 1, 2015 in Local News | 0 comments

Republican Representative Allen Farley, currently serving his second term in the Alabama House of Representatives, is sounding the alarm bell about repeat DUI offenders. On Memorial Day he spoke out against state judges who refuse to implement a newly passed state law cracking down on drunk driving. The state representative sponsored the Ignition Interlock Bill, which became the law of the land in Alabama as of July 2014. “For those readers not familiar with ignition interlock, it is basically a breathalyzer installed on the vehicle of a convicted DUI offender,” Farley wrote in an editorial. “If the user blows above a 0.02 blood alcohol content, the car won’t start. The new law we passed was a change to existing law, allowing offenders of different degrees to have an ignition interlock device instead of losing their license.” The National Highway...

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Alabama Company to Install Solar Powered Charging Stations in Public Areas

Posted by on May 30, 2015 in Local News | 0 comments

A local Alabama solar power company is planning on building public charging stations powered by solar energy over the next several years. The Birmingham Business Journal reports that Sun Charge Systems, in Blount County, will build these stations in public areas where conventional electrical outlets are scarce or nonexistent. The company, an offshoot of Hornsby Steel, is currently building a charging station in Palisades Park. The $1 million investment is set to create 15 new jobs as it builds several charging stations throughout the county and beyond. Using solar panels, Sun Charge Systems will convert sunlight into electricity to be used by USB and 12-volt car chargers (among other outlet types). These power stations will be built in areas traditionally void of electrical outlets, especially for devices like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. David Hornsby, the founder of Sun...

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