How Bail Bonds Companies Make Money

When you’re arrested, you are sent to jail. You wait there until you can get a hearing in court before a judge. The judge sets bail. The bail amount is determined by your criminal record, how serious the crime is that you are accused of, how much of a flight risk you appear to be, and if the judge thinks you are a danger to the community.

You now have only two options — bail and jail. If you can’t pay bail, you must wait in jail for your court date. This could be weeks or months of waiting. Paying bail means going to work, and seeing your family. If you can’t pay bail, you need to hire a company that provides bail bond services.

Bail bonds are a loan. The bail bond company pays your bail, so you have to pay the bail bond company back, plus fees and interest. The average bail bond interest rate is fifteen percent. If you do not pay the company back, then bail bonds debt collection companies come after you. In some states, it is legal for debt collectors to garnish wages.

Before choosing a bail bonds company, do research on bail bond resources, like reading online reviews, and checking your state’s Better Business Bureau. If you have a lawyer, ask for recommendations.

When some make bail, what this means is that they can get out of jail to wait at home until it is time for their trial to take place. Making bail is something that is available to many, but not all, individuals awaiting trial. There are many types of bails that can be issues ranging from basic bails to quick bail bonds and some cases of no bail being allowed at all. The best way to learn about bail and how you can help a loved one make bail is to talk to a local bail bonding agency.

If you have questions about bail during trial hearings, bail extended meaning and terms, or if there are other options for you to consider, a local bonding agency is a great place to turn to for help. They can explain the limits of bail in non bailable offence and bail hearing cases that can make it difficult to make bail in the first place. So, call your local bail bonding service provider and see what they can do for you or a loved one who needs help making bail!

Breaking the law comes with consequences. If you find yourself being arrested, you are likely stressed and not sure of what to expect moving forward. After being processed into the system, the judge will set your court date. In most cases, bail will be set for you. As long as you pay that amount, you are free to leave jail until your scheduled court date.

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While this may seem simple, it isn’t always that easy. If you cannot afford to post bail, you are forced to sit in jail until court. This is surprisingly common. There are other options though. Contacting a bail bond agent should be your first thought. Bail bonds companies will post the bail you cannot afford in exchange for a fee. In this video, you will learn how these companies make money.

For a bail bond agent to free you from jail, you sign a binding contract agreeing to pay the set fee. The fee can end up being costly but may be worth being set free compared to sitting in a jail cell for a period of time. Bail bonds companies are usually accessible at all times of the day as their services are desired very regularly. Continue watching the video to learn more about the bail process.