How Rapid COVID Testing Works

Check to see if you’ve eaten or drunk anything in the last 30 minutes before taking the rapid covid testing, wait until 30 minutes if you have. If you’ve had a nosebleed or piercing swab the other nostril or remove the piercing.

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The test kit cannot be re-used and is meant to be used once.

2. Wash and sanitize your hands. Clean the test area before opening the kit.

Rapid covid testing kit includes:

  • a sealed swab
  • extraction tube holder
  • extraction tube
  • extraction buffer sachet
  • test strip

All of the test kits should be disposed of in the accompanying waste bag.

3. Within 30 minutes, begin the rapid covid testing. To open the extraction buffer sachet, carefully twist it open. After pouring all of the fluid into the extraction tube, shut it and set it on the extraction tube holder. Before taking the sample, blow your nose. Rub the fabric tip over both tonsils while holding the swab between your fingers. Place 2 drops of the fluid in the extraction tube (where you placed the swab fabric tip)into the specimen.

4. You’ll have to wait 30 minutes for the correct results. Your outcome is negative if you still have one line next to “C” after 30 minutes. Your result is positive if there are two lines or invalid if only 1 or no line at the bottom of the display at “t”. The NHS should be notified of your results.