In 2016, Majority of Americans Resolve to ‘Live Life to the Fullest’

hiking in the mountainsAs the bell tolls midnight on the last night of each year, many of us are already making lofty goals and plans for the upcoming year. These resolutions are meant to make us better, to keep us on the path to being a better human with each passing year.

Unsurprisingly, New Year’s Resolutions are typically common. Weight loss is usually the most common resolution, despite the fact that 90% of households regularly indulge in fat-laden, sweet treats such as ice cream. Following weight loss come resolutions to quit smoking, find love, and make money (in no particular order).

But this year, a new resolution has made its way to the most popular slot. According to a survey conducted by GoBankingRates that asked participants what their 2016 resolutions were, the most common response was: “live life to its fullest.”

The survey gathered results from more than 5,000 participants, and 45% of them said that living life to the fullest was their main priority for 2016. After that came living a healthier lifestyle (41.1%), losing weight (39.6%), spending more time with family and friends (33.2%), saving more money (30.1%), and paying down debt (27.5%).

And while over 55% of the participants thought that one resolution would suffice, the surveyors found interesting trends among those who made more than one resolution. For example, more than half of Americans (57.6%) set some sort of money goal.

Some surveyed were even more ambitious, with 21% of respondents planning to tackle as many as four resolutions in the new year.

Even still, it is interesting to note the shift away from self improvement and the shift towards making the most of life. Perhaps it’s the newest adage of the American dream.

“Who wouldn’t want to live life to the fullest?” said Cameron Huddleston, GOBankingRates’ Life + Money columnist. “Unfortunately, the small things in life can get in the way of actually enjoying life. Perhaps that’s why so many people are resolving to live life to the fullest — as a reminder to take advantage of the time they have.”