Madison County, Alabama Summer Camp Helps Children With Diabetes Manage Their Illness

A summer camp created just for children with diabetes recently wrapped up its 2014 session.

According to a July 7 WAFF 48 article, Sugar Falls Day Camp, located at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, welcomes both children ages 5 through 15 who are diabetic or who have a friend or sibling with diabetes.

The camp, which took place from July 7 to 10, educated the children about how a person with diabetes can lead a healthy lifestyle while still having fun, WAFF 48 reports.

“[Diabetes] is something that they have to live with and manage their entire lives,” Cayce Taylor, of Southeastern Diabetes Education Services (SDES), told WAFF 48. “Until they have that confidence and understand fully the responsibility of taking care of themselves and have a long and healthy life, this is something we want to get to them at a young age. We want to convey the importance of managing their diabetes at a young age.”

The camp featured visits from local health professionals, who helped teach the children about living with diabetes along with providing medical oversight and offering activities for fun, according to a WHNT 19 article.

This year’s camp also featured visits from the Huntsville Stars baseball team and Therapy Partners, Inc., an organization that provides therapy animals to the community, WHNT 19 reports.

Showing diabetic children how to live with their condition while having fun is especially important, as recent research has shown a correlation between diabetes and depression as well as poor health.

According to WAFF 48, SDES holds similar summer camps across the state of Alabama, with funding coming primarily from donations.