Alabama Family Uses Facebook and T-Shirt Sales to Keep Pet Pig

One family in Chickasaw, Alabama, is fighting to keep their pet pig — by selling t-shirts.

After receiving a complaint from a nearby resident, the city of Chickasaw ordered Shawn Wise, the owner of the pig, to appear in court. The city also notified Wise that she may not be able to keep her pig, whose name is Henry, because he was not considered a domesticated animal by the city and therefore could not be kept within city limits.

Wise, who adopted Henry in January, took action immediately, beginning a campaign on Facebook for her and her daughter, Jordan, to be able to keep Henry.

The “Keep Henry in Chickasaw” Facebook page currently has over 1,000 likes. There, users can view pictures of Henry “chilling” around the house and in a kiddy pool and watch videos of him getting his belly rubbed.

The family has also begun selling T-shirts that say “Save Henry” and have a picture of a cartoon pig. The shirts sell for $15, plus $5 for shipping, with the proceeds going to Chickasaw City Schools, where Jordan will be in 10th grade this year.

The reason for donating the money to the city schools, says Wise, is “to prove he [Henry] can be an asset” to the community and “show he can be a benefit to the city.” She would like to sell at least 50 of the T-shirts; with 95 percent of Americans owning T-shirts, and most Americans owning more than 10 of them, she hopes to make that goal soon.

Meanwhile, Wise will have to appear in court on August 27 if she wants to keep Henry around. She says she doesn’t know which neighbor complained or what the specific complaint about Henry was.

Because Henry is a pot-bellied pig, which is considered a domesticated animal, he may not be rehomed because of city accusations of being “undomesticated.” Additionally, some cities in the United States do let residents keep livestock for food or other purposes.