St. Elizabeth Medical Center Honors Volunteers

Patricia Fletcher of Washington Mills has been declared as volunteer of the year. St. Elizabeth Medical Center made this announcement on Friday. Besides, there were 47 other people who had been rewarded for their untiring volunteer services of 100 to 46,000 hours. It is said that Helen Kennerknecht of New Hartford got St. Elizabeth Guild’s Eleanor Nelson Award.

It goes without saying that the guest speaker of this great event was Day Habilitation Director Barb Tocco and the theme of this event was “Volunteers Make a World of Difference”. Scott H. Perra, FACHE, president said that “If we had no support of volunteers, we would not have performed our responsibilities, they are like backbone of our institution”.

Actually, Patricia Fletcher has served the medical center for more than 3,700 hours and she has been voluntarily working since the last 19 years. Presently, she is working in quality management department and renders all administrative duties for physicians and new staff.

On the other hand, Grace Bouse, director of volunteers said that “Fletcher was an employee of medical center and she was working as a director of nursing”. She has got four grown children, 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
Apart from this, Kennerknecht has rendered her volunteer services for more than 23 years. It is said that she had worked for medical center for 7,346 hours voluntarily and she is supposed to be one of the most senior volunteers of SEMC.

Here goes the list of rewarded volunteers:

Arc of Oneida-Lewis Chapter, Arnold Ave Day Habilitation

Gigliotti, Genevieve
Gaffney, Emily

Napoli, Mary

Schug, Norma

Rice, Shirley
Hauck, Barbara
Nunziata, Carole

Wroblewski, Doris
Carroll, Joan
Kurtyka, Linda

Norbin, Lila
Harrington, Helen

Saint-Amour, Jean
Slocum, Karen
Smith, Sharon
Vermeulen, Sandra
Byrd, Mary
Foresti, Mary Joan
George, Lani
Goddard, James
Hammond, Diane
Pettinato, Anthony

Meyer, Eve Marie
Peeling, Jessica
Randazzo, Catherine
Scates, Angel
Wilczek, Donna
Arc of Oneida-Lewis Chapter, Kirkland Day Habilitation
Kakuturi, Vishnu
Kirkpatrick, Ann
Madore, Anna

100 Hour Pin
Khan, Alina
Mahar, Marie
Miller, Melanie
Russell, Carol
Williams, Katelyn
Wolfanger, Daniel
Zbytniewski, Rita
Zumpano, Barbara
Axel, Peggy
Bedell, Brandon
Carlson, Amy
Ciccolella, Thomas
Ferrara, Laurie
Hubbard, Debra