Cooling unit for bodies planned in Madison County

On the request of county Coroner Julie Phillips, the Madison County Board of Commissioners has approved the cooling facility for dead bodies at Madison County Sheriff’s Office. It is said the cooling facility will be installed this year.

Hospital authorities said that we had to move bodies to other morgues for the lack of cooling facility. On the other hand, Phillips opined that we will be having more problems as we need to preserve bodies for protecting the evidences from contamination. She further said that those bodies which are scheduled for autopsies at the State Crime Lab have to be preserved in cooling environment because they could be a good source of investigation for our law enforcement agencies.

The Madison County Board of Commissioners has approved $7,500 fund for purchasing the cooler and Anthony Dove the chairman of the commission said that “we have approved the same cooling facility which was purchased for the Stephens County”. He further said that this cooling unit has to be placed inside the building.

Last but not the least, Sheriff Kip Thomas reiterated that we have selected the location for placing the cooler unit and we would be ready to help other counties if they happen to be in a bind.