The famous cowboy actor of Madison County

It is not easy to avoid small towns of Iowa. Certainly, a fool person would do so. I have come to central Iowa for some official work. Yes, I am at the place where John Wayne had born.  His real name was Marion Robert Morrison and he was born on May 26, 1907.

Professionally his father was pharmacist while my father was farmicist. My father was a great fan of John Wayne.

John Wayne and I have many common things.  He was a famous film star specialized in Cow Boy roles where as I had applied once in my life as a bareback rider in a flea circus.

He had born in Madison county famous for its covered bridges where as I had born in Freeborn County famous for its covered dishes.

It goes without saying that the museum of John Wayne is being constructed. Actually, he was a very famous man of his era.  People love to know about him. However, museum is being built at his birth place.

Basically, Morrison had left Winterset when Clyde got his job in Earlham. He could not stay there for long time. He went to Los Angeles and applied for Naval Academy. Yes, he was rejected.  He was a dedicated man never given up from his life. He found his work in the Cinema industry and happened to emerge as John Wayne.