The Metal Fabrication Profession

Growing up, were you the curious type of kid who took things apart and put them back together? And now as an adult, do you dream of a career where you’ll use your hands to make things you can be proud of? If any of these checks, how about you consider a career as a metal fabricator?

Education, Skills and Qualification for a Metal Fabrication Career
Metal fabrication is a career that can take different paths and with great job prospects, opportunities are many once you’re qualified and certified with at least a bachelor’s degree in metal works. However, for entry-level jobs, employers may only need a high school diploma. You can get a welding certificate at a trade school or aim for a college degree in engineering or manufacturing.

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Fabrication is a field that allows you to progress from entry level to top level-job positions.

Metal Fabrication Career Perks, Rewards and Salary
A career as metal fabricator is lucrative and rewarding opportunity to produce world’s most used items by humans. These items include kitchen appliances, automotive machines, medical equipment and airplanes. There is variety of projects and exciting new challenges when it comes to metal fabrication. As your skills continues to grow while learning on the job, you can still apply that to your personal life and fix issues around your house, make cool things that can help appreciate your work even more.