Why Are Sprinklers Used for Nationwide Fire Protection?

Fire safety and protection has grown to the point that commercial and domestic structures by law are required to have sprinkler systems. This is demonstrated by the video’s fire protection corps in Derbyshire as they put out controlled practice fires. How do sprinkler systems aid in nationwide fire protection?

Why are Sprinkler Systems Vital?

Real fires aren’t like they are on TV: if your building is on fire, chances are good you’ll die. Smoke inhalation and the toxic effects of the burning materials will kill you before the flames will.

Video Source

These small gizmos are vital because:

  • They save lives. People trapped on top floors have a chance to survive until fire rescue reaches them.
  • They cut losses. Sprinkler systems decrease property damage and injuries to humans by half.
  • It won’t quit. When sprinklers reach a certain temperature, they turn on and don’t turn off until the firefighters turn the water off. That will slow down the flames or put them out.

Final Thoughts

Nationwide fire protection comes in two stages: professional firefighters and protecting ourselves. Sprinkler systems give homes and businesses a relatively inexpensive head start in saving lives and property.