10 Smart Resolutions for the New Year

The year has almost ended, and wouldn’t it be great to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions? It’s much better than waiting until the clock strikes 12. However, it’s also important to redefine smart resolutions. Being healthier is the typical promise everyone makes to themselves, but what about renovating your house? Let’s discover these great plans you can make for 2024.

1. Improved Oral Health

Getting a few medical checkups is one of many smart resolutions because most people get distracted by life, procrastinate, or make excuses to avoid doctor visits. However, it’s time to change that mindset. Seeing a dentist and an orthodontist is a fantastic idea. A teeth cleaning and whitening will always boost your self-esteem, but you can do much more. You can get an orthodontic exam to check for possibly bigger issues.

You may need braces, which may be hard to hear, but it’s important to have aligned teeth. Aside from giving you more confidence in your smile, straight teeth are easier to clean because you can brush and floss them properly. Meanwhile, improving your oral health doesn’t just mean going to the doctor more regularly.

It’s also about changing some of your habits. Most people know that smoking and eating and drinking certain foods can affect your teeth, so 2024 could be the year you give up some of those things. Stop buying so many sodas, eating hard candy, and smoking so much. You should also buy a better, soft-bristled brush and learn how to use it optimally. Change to fluoride toothpaste, too.

2. A Big Move

Smart resolutions are also about making the big changes you’ve always wanted. Some people dream of renting a new place in a building with luxury apartments, but they don’t because it’s such a hassle. Others want to move to another state or country, but they find excuses not to go forward. Not anymore! You can start planning a big move for the new year, especially now that remote work has become more popular.

Consider where you envisioned yourself to be years ago. What was your dream location? If money and other circumstances don’t prevent you from moving, do it. Life is too short to keep your dreams to yourself. You’ll have to be smart and plan your finances around this change, but you can do it. Relocating has benefits, such as reduced living costs and better taxes. You’ll have to research that.

Are you tired of living in an area with harsh winters? You can move somewhere hotter and even near the beach. This kind of change can improve your mental and physical health. You could also start thinking about a career switch. If you have a family with kids, consider districts with good schools and the opportunities your household may get from a relocation.

3. A New Business

If you like where you live but still want a career change, consider starting a new business. The economy is tricky nowadays, but you can create a side hustle in your free time and grow it slowly. That way, it won’t be such a drastic move. Smart resolutions have to be planned thoroughly. It’s not great to jump into anything before thinking it through.

It’s time to break down several ways you can begin. First, you must define your business idea. What do you want to do? Do you want to make an artisan shop or make some investments? How about starting a local trailer business? Be as thorough as possible with your plans and open to new directions. Afterward, you’ll need a business plan. What are you selling? Who is your target? How will you finance your project? How will you manage it?

It’s also essential to do market research to see if it’s viable in your area unless you plan to start an online shop. In that case, you’ll have to check shipping and mailing fees to adjust your pricing. Afterward, you’ll have to check its financial and legal aspects, get a loan, register with the IRS, etc.

4. Better Finances

One of the most common smart resolutions people make each New Year’s Eve is to handle their finances better. Everyone wants to save a little more, whether to start a new business or get some medical treatments. It would be wise to talk to some experts if you’ve never handled your money well. Professionals can also tell you things you never imagined to improve your 401Ks and savings.

It’s also important to check some legal aspects. You may be in debt, which often feels like it’ll never end. Talking to specialized lawyers, like a consumer bankruptcy attorney, can help. They can refinance some things, clear some debt, and get you a better payment plan. Hiring an attorney may seem expensive, but it’s usually a good investment.

You should also think about improving your credit score. You can do that by paying your bills on time. Limit the amount of bank accounts you open and cut back your most unnecessary expenses. Focus on paying off your credit card and creating a solid budget for your household. Do not get more credit cards than you can handle. Try to check your credit score and credit report more often.

5. New Skills

This is another standard resolution people make on December 31. Everyone wants to learn something new for their career or to make a change in their lives. Sadly, they tend to forget it when reality sets in January, and they start working again. Not anymore! You need to plan whatever skill or skills you’ll learn and stick to them. If you don’t like one or it wasn’t what you expected, move on to the next one quickly.

Never stop trying to be better, whether that means learning a trade like plumbing repair or enrolling in a Microsoft Excel course to find out how to utilize that software tool to the fullest. Smart resolutions have so many benefits aside from making you a better person. A new skill can make you brighter and boost your confidence and physical health. You’ll feel energized and motivated by this new aspect of your life.

Furthermore, any new knowledge can be applied to your career, and gaining this experience may be the push you need to make a more significant change, like starting a new business or moving somewhere else. Therefore, consider what you’ve always wanted to learn or who you dreamed of being in your youth and start making plans.

6. A New Hobby

Learning a new skill is not for everyone, but how about finding a new hobby? It doesn’t have to be something that takes up your life or advances your career. A new hobby can be anything that relaxes or makes you forget your daily worries. Smart resolutions are supposed to improve your life because you’re finally doing things you’ve always wanted. Therefore, how about looking for a class in acrylic wall art? Painting can boost your mental health.

Another hobby could be taking dance lessons. It won’t require much time from your everyday schedule, but it’ll improve your physical health. You can start collecting toys. Watch movies you never got around to or take up hiking. Anything that seems exciting and new can become a great hobby. Moreover, you get to control how much time and money you spend on it.

Some hobbies are similar to learning a new skill, like playing guitar. You may not want to become a rock star with your knowledge, but it’s a fun distraction. Some people make new friends thanks to their new interests, making them happier. Therefore, consider the things you’ve always put off or what you’ve wanted to try and start doing them.

7. New Energy Solutions

A resolution that has become more popular in recent years is to become more eco-friendly and green. People are worried about the environment, and everyone wants to do their part. You can start by thinking about energy alternatives. Many homeowners are adding solar panels to their properties. It’s still a significant investment but worthwhile, considering how much it’ll save you in the long run.

You may also want to get an electric car to reduce fossil fuel use. Changing the lightbulbs in your home is another way to change your energy usage habits, and it has an added benefit: a lower electric bill. You can also try to reduce traveling by plane. If you’re worried about your carbon footprint, you can change other habits, too.

For example, more and more people are reducing their meat consumption. Many also seal their windows and doors to ensure air doesn’t leak out so easily, making HVAC systems work more. Finally, you can get involved in greener policies with local or state governments. The more people taking action, the better.

8. Improved Skin Care

One of the most common smart resolutions is going to the doctor. You’re already considering visiting the dentist and changing your oral hygiene, but how about your skincare? Many beauty products are now shoved in people’s faces when they open social media, but the best advice you can get is to visit dermatologists. They can advise you on your skin type and how to keep it healthy.

You can also start changing some of your habits in this area. For example, try to use more sunscreen, even if you work from home and barely leave the house. You want to prevent sun spots, blemishes, and wrinkling, which can happen due to frequent exposure to UVA and UVB. Drinking enough water is also critical to skin health. Proper hydration will result in more elastic, brighter, and cleaner-looking skin.

Your doctor will tell you to moisturize often, and you shouldn’t forget your lips. Carry a chapstick wherever you go and apply it often. Make sure it has enough SPF protection. Take your dermatologist’s recommendations on daily cleansing. Everyone is different, and there are so many warring opinions online that it’s much better to follow professional advice.

9. Landscaping Work

Home improvement is one of the best smart resolutions you can adopt next year. Starting with landscape work is a great idea because it doesn’t require you to move or change much about your lifestyle. You just need to assess what your yard requires. For example, consider inspecting some of your plants. You may need tree removal if the plants are pest-infested or ill.

You can make a schedule with a lawnmowing service or a particular contractor to ensure your grass always looks amazing. However, you should also think about adding the outdoor stuff you’ve always wanted. Have you always desired a koi pond or an outdoor fireplace? Some people build a brick barbecue because it’s beautiful and much better than portable options.

You can also change the layout to something more cohesive and pretty or easier to maintain if you want to garden but don’t have much time. Hire a landscaper and come up with a new plan. It may inspire you to add a vegetable and fruit garden, which could be your new hobby for 2024. Create something that’ll make you happy.

10. Home Renovation

Since you’ve already considered landscaping, how about more home improvement? A house renovation is another common smart resolution because of its benefits. Updating some of the oldest materials in your house is a great way to increase the property’s value. Upgrading aspects of the kitchen and bathrooms is also wise because those rooms are more important than most people think.

You may also want to consider changing to granite countertops, which are always in fashion. You just need to hire a professional for the job. Also, find a balance between what’s trending in home renovation and what’s timeless. Everything you pick should be able to withstand for years without looking outdated. Furthermore, don’t just plan this renovation. Get started because people procrastinate often.

Therefore, make a list of everything you have to do to start the process. Arrange your finances with a home renovation in mind. Contact contractors and set up dates. Doing things as soon as possible ensures you won’t get cold feet. Go step by step or room by room if that makes things easier. Stop dreaming and hoping when you start making these changes today.

Now that you’ve seen these smart resolutions, it’s time to decide which ones you’ll adopt in 2024. Remember that planning realistically is the best way to keep your promises. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Take things one step at a time, and you’ll start having a better life this New Year!