Alabama Crime Continues: Stolen Leather, Fighting With Police Officers, Escaping From Prison

Alabama law enforcement officers arrested two men in late July after assault, child endangerment, false identification and other charges.

According to Times Daily, Franklin County Sheriff officers were serving a felony warrant when two men, Jody Waye Raper, 42, and Darin Scott Stanphill, 46, tried to fight with the officers.

Stanphill is charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest and chemical endangerment of a child. Raper is charged with disarming a law officer, attempting to disarm a law officer, providing false information, attempting to elude police and two counts of second-degree assault of a deputy.

The officers were on their way to Raper’s house to serve him a warrant. Stanphill was inside the residence at that time along with his eight-year-old son and, according to authorities, was preparing to smoke methamphetamine.

While the officers were speaking with Stanphill, Raper provided the officers with a fake name and then ran away. When the officers eventually caught him, Raper assaulted them, took one of their tasers, and even tried grabbing another weapon. The officers were not harmed during the incident.

Along with these two arrests, there seems to be a crime spree in Alabama as of late. People have been committing criminal acts ranging from petty larceny to escaping from prison.

Recent reports include the theft a leather football, a leather Coach purse, a leather wallet and tool belt. What’s interesting, though, is that these leather goods are more valuable than one might assume, considering that the average person is walking around at any given time with at least four leather items.

The big news around the area is the recent capture of Jeffery Scott.

According to WTOK, Scott, 35, escaped from the Alabama Department of Corrections. Scott broke into a South Alabama home while the homeowner was inside. The homeowner was armed and fired shots at Scott, all missing, but was able to hold Scott at gunpoint until authorities arrived. Scott is currently being held at the Coffee County Jail.