Like in all other states, the Alabama public school system has some official restrictions and guidelines on what can and Read More

If you’re unfamiliar with who Sacha Baron Cohen is, it may be easy to fall for his special brand of Read More

It may still be a seller’s market, but things are looking up for buyers these days — particularly in Alabama. Read More

According to a national study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the installation of ignition interlock devices has had Read More

Orange Beach, Alabama is a very small town, with a population less than 6,000 people. Regardless, this town is actually Read More

Although emergency room visits are often expensive and may not be necessary for every condition, they number approximately 110 million Read More

The Fourth of July might be the most popular grilling day in the United States, as 87% of people plan Read More

Kamtek’s much-talked-about $60 million new aluminum die casting plant has finally opened its doors in Birmingham. A subsidiary of international Read More

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