Cat Yoga is the Latest Trend Taking Over Alabama and it’s Purr-fect

Earlier this month, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society offered its very first cat yoga session, and not only did it go off without a hitch, it was wildly popular.

Meditation and yoga have long been known to help with anxiety. In fact, 60% of anxiety-prone individuals reported improvements in anxiety levels after six to nine months of yoga or meditation.

Now, however, you can invite a furry friend to the fun.

After clogging the website for a short while, the class filled up immediately after being posted in the Humane Society’s Website.

Yoga instructor Carla Jean Whitley led the class through a few classic yoga poses, as well as some less classic poses that she simply renamed to fit the feline theme of the day.

Downward dog became “downward cat” in the class, but the cat-cow pose got to keep its name.

Whitley’s cat yoga playlist for the class included classic cat-themed numbers like “The Pink Panther” and even some contemporary hits that she simply likes to sing and change the lyrics to like Ingrid Michaelson’s “Everybody.”

The class isn’t exactly conventional because cats rarely make good yoga students, but yoga isn’t the only reasons guests were invited.

While people participated in the yoga session, others simply stayed to spend time with the cats. The Humane Society’s hope was that people would stay and even adopt some of the cats, which one guest actually did.

While his girlfriend was participating in the yoga class, Josh Scarborough spent time with a kitten named Sweet-ums. He spent the whole class trying to convince his roommates that she would be the perfect addition to their home.

After finding out that the adoption fee was only $10, Scarborough stopped trying to convince his roommates and adopted Sweet-ums on the spot.

Whitley was thrilled that Sweet-ums was adopted and hopes that continuing the classes will lead to more adoptions in the future.