Driver Airlifted After Propane Tanker Explodes Following Accident

Propane, like various other fossil fuels, is a useful resource for powering production and propelling vehicles. It can also be an incredibly dangerous material if mishandled. According to, one unfortunate truck driver is recovering from serious injuries after the propane tanker he was driving exploded during an accident he was involved in.

Bobby Thurston Sulivan, 33, of Buchanan, Gerogia, was identified as the truck’s driver. The crash occurred at approximately 6:30 am on U.S. 431 in Chambers County near Stroud. Sulivan was airlifted to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. The truck Sulivan was driving was registered to River City Propane.

The propane tank is believed to have exploded during the one-vehicle accident, although it is unclear how the accident occurred in the first place. Neighbors in the area reportedly felt the ground shake and, along with scattered debris, the explosion caused a power outage in the local community.

Propane is a versatile energy source used by more than nine million families in and around their homes. Overall, approximately 60 million people use propane in the U.S. daily. It is a cleaner, more cost-effective, efficient, and reliable energy solution compared to other common resources such as crude oil.

Propane is usually thought of as a relatively easy material to transport, as it exists as a liquid or vapor when contained in an approved cylinder or tank.

As of this writing, reports on the current health status of Sulivan were unavailable.