Madison County deputy cleared of stealing murder victim’s gun

Steve Parton the sheriff’s deputy of Madison County has been lifted from the charges of stealing the gun of murdered victim. Donna Monroe the step mother and business partner of the victim (Klonowksi) said that “The gun .357 was registered on her name and it was somehow disappeared from her”. She informed the county court that she did not know where the police put her guns. She testified before the court that she had found her missing .357 gun from the under front seat and she did not think that it was stolen.

She repeatedly asked that whether the court lifted the charges. Actually, the county had charged Steve Parton for stealing the gun on 25th February. But, the investigators who built up the case did not appear before the court.

The county court judge Judge Linda Coats threw out the case. Jake Watson the defense attorney said that “they have wrecked the life of my client and it was not good to drag someone to courts without any solid evidence”.

On the other hand, Sgt. T.A. Miller of the Sheriff’s Department said to the court that “Parton was the first official who reached at the murder scene for gathering the evidences. He just moved the gun from Brown’s car to Monroe’s car”.

After listening arguments from both parties, the judge has finally cleared Steve Parton the sheriff’s deputy from the gun stealing charges.