Madison County Commission mulls ending cash payments for private work as guard against repeat violations

Phil Vandiver the commissioner of Madison County said that our country needs to change its mode of transaction and eliminate cash payments for the county transactions. He further opined that he had developed a non-cash policy few weeks ago and there was no issue with the other constituents.

Actually, in cash payments there had been some reports of misuse of public funds. During the term of the then commissioner Jerry Craig the state audit found that $170,000 had been misused. On the other hand, Eddie Sisk the district 3 commissioner said that “I have implemented this idea and we would not do private work through cash payments”.

Besides, Bob Harrison District 6 Commissioner said that “it would be better if we set some limitations on private work and there should be no cash payments more than $100 for any private work”. He further said that it depends on the commissioners that which policy they are going to implement.

Last but not the least, Phil Vandiver the commissioner of Madison County said that if we adopt the no-cash policy, there should be some additional fee for credit card processing.