The Flying Nest: A Shipping Container Hotel That Can Travel the World

There are approximately 17 million shipping containers in the world, though only 6 million are actually being utilized. That means roughly 11 million perfectly good containers are currently just sitting there, unused. These containers are great for all kinds of reasons. Obviously, shipping containers are essential for the cargo industry — an average container ship travels the equivalent of 75% of the way to the moon and back during its annual travels. But there are plenty of other creative uses, as well.

Shipping containers can be transformed into livable homes, pop-up businesses, food trucks, and are great for storage purposes. Since containers can be modified in a variety of ways, there are always going to be innovative new approaches to utilizing them.

According to Curbed, they are even being used as hotels, even a hotel that travels around the globe.

AccorHotels, a French hotel group, is revolutionizing the hospitality industry with their new traveling hotel built from shipping containers: The Flying Nest. Each hotel module has been constructed using eco-friendly wood and outfitted with simple and clean interiors. Similar to most modern minimalist hotels, this one highlights neutral colors and natural materials and is a little bit smaller. Also, it just so happens to be portable.

The hotel comprises “islands” made up of six shipping containers stacked on top of each other. Each room has a living room, bathroom, and picture window.

The Flying Nest will remain at Avoriaz ski resort in France throughout the winter but will resume travel once it’s warmer out. The Flying Nest will schedule visits to all kinds of large events and festivals around the world, providing its passengers and guests plenty of fun, as well as offering its accommodations to others.

Hopefully other organizations will start taking advantage of the millions of shipping containers that are not being used because there are always new innovations to discover.

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