False Information Harms One Police Department, Helps Another Do a Good Deed

Emergency servicesBad information led an Atlanta SWAT team to the wrong apartment last weekend, where instead of a criminal situation, they discovered an elderly man, asleep.

The night began with a call from a booting service that was running in the area of Capitol Gateway Apartments in Southeast Atlanta. The caller reported that they had been involved in a conflict with at least one suspect. Police were apparently led to believe that said suspect was armed and dangerous, which prompted SWAT team preparations.

In addition, police were told that the suspect had fled into the apartment complex. The caller reportedly gave one specific apartment number for police to check. Not long after, a large police presence amassed outside of the complex.

The group included 10 police vehicles and a team of SWAT officers, all prepared for some form of standoff. Instead of finding the suspect, they found an elderly man, asleep and oblivious to the events occurring outside of his doorstep.

A simple false alarm can take up to 2 officers and 20 minutes to investigate, but misinformation can take even more time and effort away from a police department.

Another incident of misinformation last weekend led to a happier ending. Police in Alabama helped a man stage a fake arrest to help with his proposal plans.

Unbeknownst to Daiwon McPherson’s girlfriend, he was planning to propose, but he needed a little police power to make his plans go off without a hitch. If someone works an active job where they’re moving for most of the day, just the feet can perspire up to 200 milliliters of water in a day. McPherson was probably sweating a lot more in the hopes that his plan would work.

His goal was to convince his girlfriend that he was on the run from police with a gun, and with the help of an Alabama police department, he was able to stage a chase and an arrest before he popped the question.

The video of McPherson’s “arrest” has gone viral, racking up over 10 million views in the last few days. He explained that he went to the police department to ask for their help earlier in the day. Once he got approval, police oversaw the entire event to ensure all civilians and officers were safe.

In this case, misinformation was exactly what made McPherson’s staged proposal incredible.