Foreclosure Rates Continue to Worry Homeowners Across the United States

In Alabama, foreclosure rates are less than the national average, but are still cause for concern.

Although the rates aren’t as bad as the 2013 foreclosure rates, which saw one out of every 96 homes file for foreclosure, it’s still worth noticing that improvements could be made.

According to, Alabama’s statewide average is about one foreclosure for every 1,316 homes, but there are still plenty of areas throughout the state that are struggling with higher foreclosure numbers. Madison County, Morgan County, Mobile County, Jefferson County, St. Clair County, and Shelby County all have foreclosure rates of less than one out of 1,000 homes. St. Claire County coming in at the worst rate of one foreclosure for every 806 homes in the area.

National Mortgage News reports that because millions of people will no longer have mortgage issues reflected on their credit report, the market can actually improve, even though the foreclosure rates of some areas remain high.

“With millions of borrowers potentially coming back into the housing market, the trends that we’re seeing are promising for both the mortgage seeker and the lender,” said Michele Raneri, Vice Present of analysts and new business development at Experian. “In the coming years, boomerang borrowers will be a critical segment of the real estate market. While many of these borrowers have gone through a very difficult time, it is encouraging to see them taking control of their finances with better credit scores and all-around better credit management.”

The market might seem optimistic to boomerang borrowers or people who have their home owning struggles behind them, but for those that are having problems with their current mortgage, they’re not too worried about the state of the market for everyone else.

Over the summer, across the U.S., foreclosure rates fell to their nine-year low while prepayments stayed high.

Mortgage Professional America reports that Mississippi currently has the highest percentage of homeowners who are behind on their mortgage at 11.16%, with Louisiana, New Jersey, and Alabama topping the list as well.