Tech Leading to Major Breakthroughs Within Flooring Sector

With a market share of about 10%, the U.S. is the second largest construction market worldwide and continues to grow. Technology has transformed virtually every industry within the construction sector.

When people think about major technological innovations, they don’t often think about flooring. In fact, unless they are designing a home or office layout, people don’t often think about flooring at all, despite how large the industry as a whole is. Total 2017 flooring sales actually topped out at $21.9 billion and the industry is expanding year after year.

Believe it or not, technology is playing a major role in the industry’s success.

According to a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global flooring sector is anticipated to see significant growth in the coming years as leading vendors are anticipated to make large investments toward the research and development of high-tech flooring innovations.

TMR predicts that the global flooring market will reach 32.4 million square meters in terms of volume by the end of 2026. As far as flooring value, the global market is projected to reach $450 billion from now until 2026, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5%.

Across the flooring industry, there are dozens of small and major innovations that are revolutionizing sector. Let’s take a look at three specific projects that are gaining momentum in 2019:

AdHawk Acquiring FloorForce

According to Forbes, FloorForce, a digital marketing agency and online flooring program, is now under the guise of AdHawk, a 30 Under 30 digital advertising company.

“With the acquisition comes a ton of flooring domain expertise,” said Saunders, CEO of AdHawk. “We are now able to offer flooring rentals an online operating system… making this one more industry we can dive deeper into.”

It’s expected that this software will further heighten AdHawk’s newest product — FlooringStores — and improve the industry as a whole.

Smart Flooring

So far in 2019, one of the bestsellers across the flooring market has been SMART Carpet and Flooring’s vinyl plank tiling. This luxury material is durable and can resist liquid and debris stains, all while handling a large amount of weight.

“Vinyl tile flooring is no longer just for bathrooms and kitchens anymore,” said Brenden Phillips, funder and president of SMART Carpet and Flooring. “You can use it in nearly any room in the house. The technology of vinyl has always been a great choice for high-traffic areas because it’s moisture resistant and so easy to clean. But now, with the new printing technologies available, vinyl can look like just about anything — specific wood grains, any kind of marble or ceramic — and it lasts an incredibly long time.”

Impact Rigid Core

According to Business Standard, Responsive Industries has launched floor covering innovation: Impact Rigid Core, which is an interlocking click system vinyl tile designed specifically to look and feel exactly like natural stone flooring.

This floor is truly revolutionary and is intended to replace the use of natural marble, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, and vitrified tiles.

Quality flooring is essential for every residential home and every commercial business. As the years go by, there will likely be even more high-tech advancements that will continue to change the flooring industry for the better.