How the Cooling Tower Refurbishment Process Works

Have you ever wondered how cooling tower refurbishment works? You should keep reading then. The Youtube video “How To Clean a Cooling Tower” explains how a specialized company does the job and what you should know about it. Let’s find out more!

A company like the one shown in the video must perform a job site survey so they know exactly what they’re dealing with and what equipment they have to bring for the cooling tower refurbishment. Additionally, everyone working on a cooling tower must wear the appropriate protective gear such as safety glasses, dust masks, gloves, and hard hats.

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Once that’s done, a worker should go to the water treatment controller and unplug the bleed valve, then they can go back to the tower. There, they need to add the prepared chemicals to the tower basin one by one. It’s important not to let the chemicals sit at the bottom of the basin. They need to circulate well for an hour so they mix fully before workers can continue. Make sure to secure the water hatch so there’s no spillage of the treated water and chemicals. Afterward, the tower controls should be shut down.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about cooling tower refurbishment.