How to Choose the Best Food for Puppies

When you have a new puppy, it is important to understand their nutritional needs are different than an adult dog. But what is the best food for puppies? Is it grain free puppy food? A whole gran dog food recipe? Fish-based dog food for allergies? Keep reading to learn how you can pick the best food for puppies to keep your puppy healthy.

A puppy’s energy can be nearly twice an adult dog’s. Since their stomachs are smaller, they need more nutritionally dense food formulated just for puppies to help them meet their energy needs.

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There are three different types of food to consider, dry kibble, semi-moist (which usually comes in a pouch), or moist (which is usually canned). Most veterinarians and trainers recommend dry kibble because of its fat content. It also helps with tarter control which is important for their developing teeth.

When choosing the best food for puppies, you’ll want to look for a few things. First,
look on the label for “formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for growth.” Second, read the ingredients. Look for real meat as the first ingredient.

To learn more about how you can choose the best food for puppies and pet nutrition, watch the video above!