Renovations to Consider if Youre Looking For a Luxury Home Aesthetic

Have you always dreamed of living in a home with a luxury home aesthetic? Now may be the right time for you to give yourself this gift. You deserve to have the home of your dreams. If you need to think of a practical reason, you can remind yourself that a home renovation will increase your property value.

1. Begin With Basement and Crawl Space Renovations

Some people use their basement for a catch-all for tools or for storing spare boxes. But your basement is one of the first places to consider renovating to achieve your luxury home aesthetic. One of the most popular choices for a basement transformation is to create your dream sports den or man cave. Start with a big-screen television and some comfortable leather lounge chairs.

If you want to decorate this sports den at a luxury level, choose upscale leather ergometric lounge chairs with an optional vibrating or warming feature. Place some small end tables next to each lounge chair for you and your guests to access snacks and drinks. To place those snacks within reach, install a refrigerator with a freezer, a microwave, and a sink. On the basement floor, place a comfortable, brightly colored carpet for its comfort and beautiful colors.

Your crawl space is another area underneath your home that can be renovated to your benefit. Much of the heat or cooling from your HVAC system can escape from your home through your crawl space. You can acquire a crawl space encapsulation (enclosure) by contacting a company that provides crawl space services. The encapsulation process will create the effect of thick insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature.

2. Indulge in a Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom has practical purposes, but that’s no reason your bathroom can’t have a luxury ambiance. Change the lighting in the bathroom with an installed dimmer switch. Making this alteration will allow you to have the option to adjust the level of brightness in the bathroom. Think of how it will feel the next time you take a bath: the lighting is low; the water is warm and soothing; and it feels like you’re in an upscale spa.

All your senses can be soothed and thrilled by a luxury bathroom. Purchase an aromatherapy diffuser and let your favorite fragrances waft through the air of your bathroom. With your senses of sight and smell satiated, place an MP3 player in the room and have your favorite tunes drift into the room. Your next bath can be a luxury vacation for all your senses.

While your bathroom gets upgraded, you can also invest in improving its function. Since you’re allowing yourself to experience a luxury home aesthetic in your bathroom, contact a septic service that can provide you with a quality fiberglass septic tank. Fiberglass is the most expensive type of septic tank, but you are worth the investment. These strong new septic tanks are worth the investment because of their durability and efficiency.

3. Select Some Window Treatments

During your renovations, you can make many changes to your windows for them to blend into your luxury home aesthetic. You could install luxury blinds to change the appearance of your existing windows. For example, ecru-colored designer screen shades will coordinate easily with any decor. Their innocuous appearance belies their powerful ability to shield your rooms – and the fabrics of your furniture – from sun damage.

If your living room or dining room needs additional space, consider installing a “bump-out” bay window. This treatment involves the removal of your current window and annexing a trapezoidal structure (Including the roof and floor of that space.) To finish the bump-out, a contractor from one of your local glass companies will install glass, shades, and blinds. This arrangement adds length to the room with a bit of panache.

Another choice in your remodeling process might be to add a window to one of your walls. Although it’s not wise to place a new window in a load-bearing wall, you can add a window to your other walls, according to your preference. You’ll need help from a glass company and home contractor. An additional window will allow more sunlight into the room and provide an opportunity to add decorative blinds to the wall space.

4. Rethink Your Drain Cleaning Methods

Careful maintenance of the drains in your home may mean you won’t need a drain cleaner. While striving for a luxury home aesthetic, you might consider installing a French drain cleaning system. A French drain features a trench in your yard, which contains a perforated pipe covered in gravel. The French drain system allows water to drain naturally from your yard.

When French drains are installed, the water should flow from a higher to a lower level. The ideal location for the runoff of water is the roadside. Water flowing out of a French drain should always be directed away from your home. Because this project can be complex, you should contact a landscaper with French drain experience.

Another trending type of drain cleaning system is an enzymatic drain cleaning system. An enzymatic drain cleaner contains bacterial cultures and enzymes that dissolve the organic matter found in many drains. These cleaners are a bit more expensive, but they’re better for your pipes and your health. You deserve to invest in a better type of drain cleaner.

5. Protect Your Home with Preventative Extermination

Once your renovation is completed, the last thing you’d want to see is pests like termites or bed bugs. Therefore, using some funds for your home remodel is a wise decision. Not only do pests ruin the appearance of your home, but they can also weaken the structure of your home and spread disease. Part of creating a luxury home aesthetic includes a pest-free home.

One newer method is called ‘Smart Technology’. If you have a ‘Smart home,’ this may be included in programming. This system uses thermal technology or sensors to detect where any insects or rodents are located. Once the pests have been found, pesticides can be targeted toward those locations. This limits the pesticides released.

Today’s consumers are often looking for chemical-free or sustainable pest killers. Cryonite places large chunks of carbon dioxide (known as ‘dry ice’) throughout your home. Since the temperature of this substance is too cold for pests to tolerate (110 degrees), they die immediately. This sustainable system will eliminate the need for a chemical exterminator or less sustainable pesticides.

6. Install Some High-Quality Fencing

Curb appeal is one of the significant factors in how a potential home buyer sees a house. The exterior of your home will cause buyers to decide how they feel about your home before they enter it. There are a few trending fence design ideas you can choose from. Once you choose your fence style, contact a local fence company to install it in your yard.

Venetian panels are a good choice for homeowners who take pride in their gardens and want a fence that allows more sunlight to filter into the gardens. These slatted panels produce a ‘striped’ effect during sunny intervals. These sun stripes create a stunning appearance during the growing period of your garden. This maximum sun exposure will create a garden that perfectly fits your luxury home aesthetic.

Homeowners seeking more privacy than Venetian panels can provide often opt for a fence with louver panels. These panels are made of specially treated wood. These panels also use slats, but they are positioned at an angle that provides greater privacy. Users of louver slats have reported that they provide a breathtaking visual effect when installed parallel to their backyard pools.

7. Treat Yourself to New Paving

Your walkways and your driveway are an essential component in the appearance of your home. Many paving options can contribute to your quest for a luxury home aesthetic. Concrete walkways may seem relatively costly. However, by investing in concrete services, you’ll get to choose from styles ranging from cobblestone to brick.

Concrete paving also offers an option called permeable pavers. This option allows rain or snow water to seep into the ground. When precipitation occurs, the permeable pavers will prevent backyard pooling of water. Permeable concrete also reduces the possibility of storm drain overload.

Some homeowners prefer to have walkways that use natural stone. Your walkways can match your exterior if your home’s exterior is made from natural stone. Sandstone, limestone, and granite walkways provide an organic appearance to your home. They’re durable and can be maintained by using sealants at regular intervals.

8. Unleash Your Imagination with Kitchen Remodeling

Many homeowners opt to upscale their kitchens even if they’re not planning to remodel their entire homes. By updating their kitchen appliances and cabinets, homeowners will have an easier time preparing meals, plus a more modern and attractive kitchen. It’s the perfect addition to your luxury home aesthetic. Don’t forget: a kitchen update will also add to your property value.

Marble countertops are often the choice of people looking for a more regal effect. However, to elevate a kitchen’s appearance, some homeowners will extend the use of marble to include the front of their cabinets, the backsplash, and the floors. The overall effect of the cool, resplendent marble in your kitchen can take your breath away. Choose silver-plated accents and sink fixtures to complement your kitchen decor.

As part of your remodeling, look at your kitchen plumbing and decide if it also needs modernization. Talk to a local plumbing service to discuss the possibility of ‘touchless’ faucets or a water filtration system. Some homeowners enjoy the convenience of a pot filler: a second tap, on the wall over the oven. A pot filler will eliminate the need to drag water-filled pots from the sink to the stove.

9. Carve New Dimensions with a Home Addition

When your family has outgrown the home you’re in, your remodeling efforts can include an addition to your home. Whether you expand by adding another room to your home or constructing a second floor, you can contact a home addition builder to make your expansion dreams a reality. Adding space to your current home is preferable to moving to another house.

Many homeowners advocate using sustainable materials to extend the luxury home aesthetic to their new home addition. These sustainable materials will blend into your home’s more modern style while saving you money on energy costs. Since the use of sustainable materials will increase as time passes, using sustainable materials will add to your property value.

Another popular use for an added room is to add a game room. You can create a hub for your children and yourself to play games and have fun with friends. This arrangement also be ideal for a homeschooling center for your children, including a viewing screen for educational programs, a whiteboard, and writing desks. This idea allows your children to transition from school to game time quickly.

10. Conjure Up Your New Happy Place with an Outdoor Oasis

When you’re remaking your home to display a luxury home aesthetic, you’ll want to add the ultimate luxury for relaxation: an outdoor oasis. It all begins with a customized swimming pool or hot tub. Contact one of your local swimming pool or hot tub companies to help install one or both in your yard. The luxury aspect of your remodel can continue in this space by using some of the same principles and contractors as your other projects.

For example, the natural stone you use in your walkways can also be placed around your pool. If the plumber you used for the kitchen is also skilled in pool plumbing, they can help with this project, too. Your fence company can construct a luxury fence around your oasis. This fence will fulfill the need for a safety feature and add to the luxurious theme.

If you’ve decided this is the right time to transform your home into a luxury home aesthetic, these suggestions should serve as a guide in your quest. Allow your dreams to guide how luxurious your home can be. When you finish your project and enjoy the home of your dreams, you’ll be rightfully proud of your accomplishments.