What Is a Local Memory Care Facility?

If you have someone you love needing local memory care, this video by Chris Game and Emeritus explains what it is and what to look for in a care facility.

Chris states that local memory care is a care facility or a specialized area in a regular nursing home that cares specifically for people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other progressive memory loss ailments.

A suitable care facility for memory loss patients should meet the following criteria for the best local memory care for a loved one.

The staff should be highly skilled and specifically trained to care for and communicate with memory loss patients and all the progressive stages of their disease.

Chris states to look for care facilities with halls, where wandering the hall always leads back to a public area. Locks on doors and windows should be accessible to staff only.

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Floors need to be non-slip and privacy ensured for toileting and bathing needs. Additionally, the facility should have an excellent monitoring system, such as cameras and motion detectors.

Although these patients can sometimes be disruptive or confused, they still deserve only the best care in a local memory care facility.