What to Know About Mini Hose Clamps

Are you wondering what makes the different between a regular and mini hose clamps? Here’s some more information on mini hose clamps and how to use the most efficiently.

Hose clamps are designed to secure a hose over a fitting, such as a spigot or barb, acting as a seal to prevent fluid from leaking at the connection. They also stabilize the hose connection.

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They’re predominantly used in the plumbing and automotive industries but are also used in other applications and to prevent leaks during the transport of liquids, chemicals and gases.

The raised edges of the Mini clamp do not damage the hose. The tongue of the clamp is reinforced by stamping. The crimped nut stays in position even if the screw has been loosened completely. Another practical detail is the head of the screw in the form of a hexagon head which allows the screw being tightened by means of a flexible screwdriver. The Mini clamps are particularly suitable for small hoses with thin walls.