Drug Raid in Alabama Leads to Arrest of Dryer Man

UPDATED 9/15/20

On Wednesday, March 30, Alabama police got an early April Fool’s prank when they busted into a home of a suspected drug dealer and found drugs, firearms, and a man sleeping inside a dryer.

Michael Christopher Davis, 33, attempted to hide from police during the drug raid by climbing into a dryer.

“Folks, you can’t make this stuff up,” Sgt. Bryan Watkins of the Brookside Police Department said in a news release.

Alabama police searched the house for nearly two hours and made multiple arrests inside and outside the home before locating Davis.

The Daily Mail, reported that many suspects tried to run from the home and were pursued by officers from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and K9 police dogs.

Bail and bail bonds

After apprehending the suspects, the officers began taking inventory of the drugs and paraphernalia scattered throughout the home. During that process, they heard a snore and discovered Davis in the dryer.

“I was trying to hide and y’all just stayed too long… I fell asleep,” Davis told the officers.

Perhaps Davis always does his laundry from inside the dryer. Maybe he was drying his freshly washed linens, which are 1.5 times lighter and cooler than cotton and twice as cool as viscose clothing.

More likely, however, Davis was just on drugs and scared.

Watkins described Davis as being “folded up like he was in a shirt pocket.”

The drug bust was part of Alabama’s month-long “Operation Crack Down.” The nine arrests, including Davis, brought the total number of arrests to 26 for the string of stings.

In a photo shared on the police department’s Facebook, there appear to have been items such as bags of pills, drug paraphernalia, syringes, brass knuckles, and a firearm inside the home.

The investigation is currently ongoing, and Davis has not yet been charged.

According to the Clay County Progress, heroin and other opioid drug use contributes to many overdose deaths across the state. Operation Crack Down looks to put an end to this drug epidemic.

Criminal bail bonds

Despite the comical nature of this arrest, being picked up by the police for drug and trespassing charges is no joke. Without a capable defense attorney on your side, an arrest like this could haunt you for many years to come. An experienced defense attorney can work to secure criminal bail bonds and even work on explaining your story to the jury in a way that makes the actions appear less criminal.

The first step in your defense is to begin the bailing process. The attorney will work on securing the release of the prison with the help of bail and bail bonds. If the arrested does not have the means to cover bail on their own, they can enlist the services of a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will front the entirety of the criminal bail bonds amount in exchange for a percentage. Usually, the bondsman requires 10-20 percent of the total bail as a fee. Whether or not “Dryer Man” was able to secure release via the services of a bail bondsman was not known at the time.