Exploring Some Top Vehicle Buying Trends to Look Out For This Year

Cars For Sale Stock Lot RowGlobal car sales reached a record 88 million vehicles in 2016, up 4.8% from a year earlier and setting a 10-year high. That being said, millions of cars continue to be sold around the globe each year, and with auto technology on the rise, manufacturers are rolling out some truly innovative features. Here are just a few of 2019’s top anticipated car buying trends.


Electric car sales continue to increase around the globe. While hybrid technology emerged several years ago, the trend is still going strong. Buyers interested in going electric this year can also expect some added convenience, as charging technology is consistently improving. In fact, many electric vehicle manufacturers are developing systems with faster charge times and longer battery lives. With several parts of the world putting more and more emphasis on sustainability and mitigating climate change, it’s clear that the electric vehicle trend is here to stay.


An estimated 15% of the world’s population is currently living with a disability, and vehicular innovations are enabling a wider range of individuals with disabilities to safely get behind the wheel. While it’s always best for drivers with disabilities to consult a professional to determine the best safety features to look for in a vehicle, there are many standard safety features that are usually worth considering. For example, a backup camera can assist those with slight visual impairments.

Driver Aid Systems

Driver aid systems can improve safety for anyone and everyone who gets behind the wheel. Smart technology is becoming more and more integrated with auto technology, and the result can reduce accident rates while providing an easier driving experience for all. Nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, locomotives, and vessels move goods over the transportation network, and emerging driver aid systems can help drivers navigate through crowded highways and city streets.

“Cruising down the freeway just got a lot easier, thanks to the latest advancements in driver aid systems. Keep your eyes open for new features like automated steering assist, which will help you avoid imminent crashes. Other features, like pedestrian and object detection, can make maneuvering through crowded parking lots and bustling cities significantly easier,” writes Laura Burstein on Chase.

Of course, despite these advancements, it’s still important to do your part to stay safe. For example, even though backup cameras improve visibility and safety, they will never replace fundamental gear, such as Rx or plano sunglasses, which are worn by about 75% of adults and can improve visibility when driving with a sunny glare.


Finally, despite these glamorous-sounding improvement, used cars continue to hold their place in today’s car buying market. Experts say this is largely due to the influx of younger drivers who enter the market each year with lower budgets.

“Don’t let those shiny, new models fool you; the used car market is alive and well. And come 2019, we could expect to see more customers driving off the lot in an older car…Although the new car market has been relatively flat this past year, used cars continue to sell well because many younger people are coming into the market…Ironically, the very technology that’s being incorporated into new vehicles is also a factor in driving up sticker prices, which means a fair share of consumers could opt for a vehicle that’s a few years older,” writes Burstein.

Ultimately, these trends can help you predict the 2019 vehicle buying forecast and help you determine which features are worth the investment.