How are Various Facial Scars Treated?

Scars on the face can take many different forms and be brought on by accidents, acne, burns, or surgery. Linear scars on the face may also take longer to heal because this area of your body is continuously exposed. The good news is that several treatments are available for treating facial scars.

One of the best and most common treatments for facial scars is dermabrasion. A dermatologist exfoliates the top layer of skin on your face with a wire brush.

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Chemical peels are another option where mild acids are applied to the skin in a single layer. The outcome is that the epidermis, the top layer of skin, exfoliates and rolls off to reveal a new layer of skin.

Like chemical peels and dermabrasion, laser resurfacing removes the epidermis; however, it removes the skin using strong laser beams. Another form of treatment is plastic surgery, where the scar tissue is physically removed with a scalpel or even repositioned to lessen its appearance. There are two laser treatments; carbon dioxide and Erbium laser resurfacing. Erbium is the safest technique for the face, but carbon dioxide is the most common since it’s efficient for scar treatment.