Tips to Have a Cleaner House

A cleaner house requires effort. Everyone loves associating with a clean house, but not the work required to keep it in that condition. Regardless, we must keep our houses clean and organized. A cleaner house gives one a feeling of tranquility and warmth. But did you also know that it impacts your physical health?

People with cleaner houses are healthier and happier than those with untidy and cluttered houses. Most people fail to achieve the goal of cleaner houses, not because they do not clean regularly, but because they do not do it right.

Here are some basic cleaning rules to guide you in your next cleaning spree.

1. Clean the floors

Start by decluttering. Pick up anything that has gathered on the floor. Please put them in their right places instead of moving them to a different floor section. It is important when cleaning because you can choose what to keep and dispose of from the clutter. Repeat this for all surfaces. Doing this makes it so much easier to thoroughly clean the whole floor surface without leaving out some sections.

Carpet cleaning is essential when cleaning your floors. Don’t just clean past them. In case of a spill or a stain, treat it immediately to prevent awful smells and stubborn patchy marks. Whether a wall-to-wall carpet or a rug, it is important to vacuum them at least weekly or as often as it fits, depending on whether you have pets or kids.

After vacuuming, spray vinegar and water on your carpet until it’s dumped but not saturated. After resting for about 6 minutes, use a clean cloth to blot away the solution and the dirt particles. Repeat this while rinsing the cloth in clean water until you’re sure it is clean. Leave it undisturbed to air dry. Below are a few more tips to use for your carpet.

  • Vacuum often
  • Ensure your vacuum cleaner is clean and well maintained
  • Treat stains immediately
  • Ensure that your pets are clean
  • Take off your shoes at the door to keep soil particles out of the house

Once you work on the carpets, sweep your floors to eliminate stubborn dirt particles to make mopping easier. Start mopping from the furthest corner of every room. It is important to change the water frequently as it gets dirty.

2. Tidy up your Kitchen

The Kitchen is the heart of the home as it is a place of nourishment. To most people, a clean kitchen is the first step to having a cleaner house. Unlike other areas of the house, it always feels like the Kitchen takes up most time cleaning but gets dirty fast. How often you clean your Kitchen depends on how heavily you use it.

Clearing unnecessary junk on the countertops is the first step to achieving a cleaner kitchen. For a neat finish, place everything in its rightful place. When you are done clearing the clutter, clean the countertops using some soap and warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or acidic cleaners. Use a clean, dry cloth to dry the countertops. You can also use countertop cleaners to get that sparkling finish.

It is also important to clean the refrigerator. Use dumpster rentals to dispose of leftovers that are either bad or those that you are no longer interested in. Do this regularly to avoid clutter and bad smells in the refrigerator. Cleaning spills after they happen is also essential to ensuring that your refrigerator stays clean.

Splatters and greasy films on stovetops are always a major issue, especially if not cleaned immediately. The longer it takes to wipe them off, the more they become stubborn. It’s good to clean them immediately in case you get held up later. Doing this leaves the stovetops clean even during the days when you are unable to clean them.

Small appliances such as blenders and toasters, if not used for some time, can accumulate dust. Tend to them when cleaning your dishes. It is also important to give them a deep cleaning every once in a while by cleaning the removable parts. You may also want to revamp your appliances every once in a while. Visiting a used appliance shop will give you quality at an affordable price.

To achieve a cleaner house, dust the kitchen cabinets without leaving the utensils stored inside. Change the cabinet mats, and wipe them with mild detergent before storing the utensils. Dusting the cabinets should be done at least once in three weeks. Always remember to clean the utensils rack at least weekly to avoid scum accumulation.

Checking on the Kitchen drains regularly prevents plumbing issues and bad smells. Every once or twice a month, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the drain. Let it rest for about 20 minutes before rinsing it with hot water. This treatment removes clogs that might have accumulated from the dirty water after cleaning the dishes.

3. Clean Your Bathrooms and Toilets

Toilets and bathrooms are very sensitive. Tending to them is an important factor to consider for a cleaner house. To clean your toilet, spray a cleaner and ensure it’s well spread; let it sit for a few minutes, after which you will use a brush scrubber. Scrub repeatedly for about five minutes, then flush to rinse everything off. Ensure you also clean the toilet lid and the exterior of the toilet tank.

Apart from the normal toilet cleaning sprays and detergents, you can also use a mixture of baking soda, lemon extract, and orange oil extract. Let it sit for some time to dissolve the dirt, followed by a thorough scrub, then a flush.

These procedures also apply to your bathroom tubs. Do this three times a week to avoid scum accumulation, bad scents, and stubborn stains. It is also important to use air humidifiers or orange oil extract in your toilets and bathrooms to eliminate the scents that come with these areas.

4. Work on basic amenities

To achieve a cleaner house, working on basic amenities such as clean curtains and windows and doors is essential. Curtains need cleaning every once in a while. Leaving them on for a long time leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust, which is not good for your health. Additionally, a clean house with a dirty curtain will still look dull.

To get that fresh and appealing window look, invest in good quality shears to match your curtains. Other basic window treatments that can help elevate the cleanliness of your house include shades, blinds, shutters, and valances. A fogged glass repair on strategic windows can also be incorporated. These give a unique touch to your home.

When cleaning your curtains, always clean the window panes and dust the frames. Clean your doors as well, especially the main entrance doors. Get rid of stains and dust from both sides of the doors. Check for stains on your walls and clean them as well.

Another important basic amenity that’s effective towards achieving a cleaner house is wall hangings. Whether a family portrait or a work of art on canvas, investing in good custom picture framing elevates the house’s look. Such framings bring a sense of organization to your walls, which appeals to the home’s general look.

The house’s exterior is also essential to a cleaner house. Ensure that your lawns are manicured, and gardens are well structured. It is also important to get roll off dumpsters because, without one, most people dispose of their garbage within their home compounds, promoting a breeding site for pests and rodents and causing more harm than good to their houses.

5. Work on basic repairs

There is something about broken door knobs and cabinets that makes the house untidy regardless of how clean it is. Most of these repairs are basic but critical for achieving a cleaner house. Fix those knobs and cabinet hinges for a clean finish.

In case of chipped or faded paint, applying a fresh coat will brighten the walls, consequently lighting up your house. Other basic repairs include:

  • Broken taps
  • Water leakages
  • Worn out floors
  • Worn out showers
  • Stained sinks
  • Toilet flushing system
  • Rusty showers

6. Groom your living area

A lot of time is spent in the living area. Therefore, it is essential for it always to feel and appear clean. The first tip is to invest in throw pillows. Throwing some into your living space can transform the look, thanks to their fascinating appearance.

Throw pillows come in different sizes and shapes, with a wide range of designer cases. Throw pillows are one of the most affordable ways to have an elegant living space. A throw blanket, half spread on the couch, is also a unique way to have a clean look in your living area.

You can also achieve a cleaner house by incorporating indoor plants in your living area. Depending on your preference, you can go for live or synthetic plants. Most houses have adopted this trend after realizing the transformation they bring.

What are some of the tips that could bring harm if not paid attention to?

Most houses prefer to light a fire at the chimney during cold seasons to keep the living area warm. After the season, most people clear out the ashes, leaving the rest of the chimney as it is. Cleaning the chimney beyond what can be seen is never on top of the list. But let’s face it, dirty chimneys expose homes to fires.

Lighting a fire in the chimney causes soot and a flammable residue build-up. Soot can be easily cleaned, but the explosive residue, known as creosote, sticks to the chimney lining due to its oily and thick properties. The more the creosote build-up, the higher the risk of a fire. Annual inspection and cleaning are essential. The chimney lining goes further into the roof and beyond. Additionally, it is a dangerous and dirty job that professional chimney services should handle.

When was the last time you had your home fumigated? Pests can disrupt the comfort of your home. Termites and carpenter ants harm your property, whereas cockroaches and house bugs pose a life-threatening risk to humans. That is why having pest control services come for an inspection is essential to a cleaner home.

Invasion of property by wild animals can be very frustrating. Most destroy fences, windows, and doors in search of food. Having a reliable animal removal service saves you from the struggle of chasing the animal away and prevents a fatal confrontation between humans and wild animals.

Benefits of having a Clean Home

A clean environment eliminates germs and dust, resulting in a healthy family. Cleaning your home regularly also eliminates mold, which can cause life-threatening conditions such as asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

Our physical environment directly affects our emotions. Untidy and dirty environments cause stress and anxiety, while tidy and clean environments reduce stress. Less stress leads to more productivity. Consequently, you sleep and rest better when your room is tidy and clean.

Cleaning is not a walk in the park. Succeeding at it gives you a sense of achievement, which leaves you feeling good about yourself.

Cleaning your house eliminates bad odors. This may be considered to be worse than an untidy house. Good smells set the mood of the house. Bad smells make the house unbearable.

Thorough cleaning is the key to having a cleaner house. Keeping a cleaning schedule is also helpful. It lets you track what needs a deep cleaning and what doesn’t, but the most important tip is moving with your mess. Please don’t wait for the mess to get worse before cleaning it up.